Altair Falcon Drone Review: A Cheap Alternative To An RC Quadcopter

[Summary: The Altair Falcon is a starter camera drone, its price is under $150. It has a free shipping facility from Amazon. It can hold 1280×720 pixels of live video, and you will get clear aerial images. The drone will give you an excellent flight time of 15-16 minutes with two batteries. It has advanced features FPV. The drone weighs 116g so FAA registration is not required. Its maximum flight range is 100-110 meters. Let’s find out more]

Altair is a leading name in drones. The Falcon, The Falcon, their greatest modern model, displays their commitment to the drone sector. It has a lot to offer in terms of features and is reasonably priced. Here is my Altair Falcon drone review.

The Altair Falcon Drone is a beginner RTF with some stunning and unique features. It has essential features for easy flight. Altair is famous for its high-quality and affordable drones. If you are looking for the best-fitted drone at an affordable price, The Altair Falcon Drone is a genuine choice. Need more accurate information from the right point of view about this drone?

Here, I will provide a sanctified with The Altair Falcon Drone Review, and then you will decide this is a perfect drone for you/your kids.

The Altair Falcon Drone Review, Feature & Specifications

  • The Altair Falcon Drone is 4.1 ounces in weight
  • The dimensions of this drone are 11.9*10.4*4.2 inches
  • Two lithium-polymer batteries each have 8-10 minutes of flight time (double flight time; most flight time 20 minutes)
  • 720p HD camera and 120-degree viewing angle
  • Largest range 110 meters
  • Three flight speed modes
  • Remote control with a smartphone holder
  • Built-in Propeller Guards

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Feature Details

Before buying a drone, you should consider some features that should be suitable for you. Here, I will discuss such essential features of the Altair Falcon drone. Roll your eyes on these features:

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Camera Condition

The video drone has a 720p HD camera and 120-degree wide-angle. This camera will capture adorable photos and live videos. Image quality is good enough, and you will not regret having a 1080p camera. This video camera drone is FPV also enabled, and enjoying live video transmission is not quantum physics. Download flyingsee app on your smartphone and connect to the video drone wifi, and you are ready to enjoy live video transmission.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Design and build quality

The Altair Aerial falcon drone has a stable and attractive shape. Its weight is 4.1 ounces, which is comfortable enough for a drone. As it is a beginner drone, the build quality decreases the chance of crash and damage. It has built-in propeller guards that ensure propeller blades will stay intact.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Controller Situation

The falcon drone has a comfortable and assistant, remote control. This remote controller will fit in the drone pilot’s hand even for a long time. To the drone with the help of this controller is easy even for a beginner pilot. It features a standard set of controls, including a dual joystick. The allocated location and labeling of the function buttons are user-friendly. This mini drone also includes a smartphone holder with a controller to enjoy an FPV flying view.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Flight modes

The Altair Aerial falcon drone becomes more user-friendly with a three-speed flight mode feature. The three-speed mode will allow flying the drone at low, medium, and high speed. There is a switch on the controller to switch the speed levels. Beep/beeps will allude to your speed. one beep means low speed, two beeps means medium speed, and three beeps mean high-speed levels.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: take-off and landing

Facing problems while landing is a common fact for the new pilots. Often they crash their drones while landing due to over-eagerness and skipping manuals/necessary documents too. But one-touch take-off and landing features will help to avoid crashing for the beginner pilots also. So, you need not worry about wreckage early in the drone’s lifespan.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Hover and landing

This falcon drone has the unique feature of autonomous hover and landing. It is an advanced feature for an affordable drone with so many amazing facts. This ASP system ensures a steady flight. The ASP system will protect your drone from sudden crashes and accidents. So, beginners have nothing to worry about with this drone. The drone will be setting itself in a hover mood when you will not give any command. This ASP system makes a drone hovering in place as easy as taking hands off the controller.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Custom flight routing mode

Here is one more standard feature in the Altair Aerial falcon drone. You can determine the flight route to let the drone fly itself. Plot the flight path on your smartphone app and make it happen. Tell me, what else can be easier than this feature! Think how much a custom flight route can help you.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Battery

The Altair falcon drone has a 3.7V, 1000mAh battery. This battery will provide up to 10 minutes of battery life. Now the fact is, this drone comes with two batteries. It means you can use your drone for up to 20 minutes without facing any problems. Yet, if you need, you can keep a spare battery with you to have more flying time.

Overall Altair falcon Drone Review In 2021:

The Altair Falcon drone is a budget drone with some stunning features. The autonomous hover & positioning system, custom flight route, one-touch take-off, and landing features make this drone a top-class and user-friendly drone for kids/beginners. Again, this drone comes with a headless mode feature that makes the drone unique.

It has a strong safety function, too, like propeller guards. That’s why this drone has less chance to crash and get damaged. The three-speed motor will let you fly the drone anywhere, even inside a room. The design and structure of the controller make the drone easier to fly.

A smartphone mounts with the controller to enjoy FPV live video, and camera quality is also satisfying. Thus, the Altair Falcon review declares it one of the best budget drones, and it’s quite impossible to find a drone-like Falcon in this price range.

Altair Aerial falcon drone Pros:

  • Affordable price.
  • Accessible controller.
  • Headless mode.
  • Autonomous hover & positioning system.
  • Custom flight route.
  • One-key take-off and landing key.
  • Impressive image quality.
  • Easy to fly, even for beginners.
  • Strong safety system.
  • maximum flight time 20minutes
  • user manual/ beginner-friendly features

Altair falcon drone Cons:

  • Only a 720p camera (1080p would be better)
  •  No image stabilization
  • GPS not supported.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: User feedback

I have researched customer review of Falcon drone, and here is a summary of my research:

Every customer was satisfied with the Altair Aerial Falcon drone. Both new pilots and experienced pilots enjoy flying this inexpensive drone and not facing any problem with it. They are delighted to have unique features (like ASP system, Custom flying route, Headless mode) in a budget drone.

The ASP system is helpful to all and works appropriately. The drone has a 720p camera, but everyone likes the image quality. Nobody regrets having a 1080p camera. one more good thing is that the drone comes with an extra battery (which means an extended flight time).

Yet, some customers are facing a few minor problems. the charging period is a little longer. It is a great experience to fly the drone inside the room and outside in normal conditions. But in heavy windy conditions, you will face problems flying the falcon drone as it is a light drone.

Altair Falcon Drone Review: Final Thoughts

I have been using the Altair Falcon Drone for some time now and I love it. It is a great drone for beginners and is priced very reasonably for what you are getting. I have read other reviews of the Falcon and I was surprised that we haven’t seen a lot about it out there since it is so great.

You can get a great bundle with drones, batteries, and a bunch of accessories at a great price. So hurry up and get your order before it’s too late.

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