Best Contixo F18 Drone Reviews & Expert Buying Guide In 2021

The easy-to-control compact design Contixo f18 GPS FPV drone promises to give users a fun experience. Keeping in mind your desire to know, I am presenting the details of the Contixo f18 RC Quadcopter amazing drone below. When it comes to Contixo f18 Drone Reviews, the first thing I noticed was the backpack. Thanks to the Contixo Classical brand for giving a beautiful backpack as a gift keeping in mind the septicity of the RC Quadcopter Drone.

Starting with Contixo f18 review septicity think, let me tell you the details of the solid drone so that you can buy the Contixo f18 Beginner drone from Amazon without any hesitation. I know the details in five days to negative-positive review the Contixo RC drone f18. Starting from its features, I have sat down to write by observing all the advantages and disadvantages.

The f18 popular drone 2 Module rechargeable battery with a 5G WiFi system will make your current drone flying hobby hassle-free. The Adults drone camera will give a variety of photo aerial video suits. Contixo Beginner RC Quadcopter drone with Brushless Motor gives 2K FPV 40 Mins Longer safe Flight experience.


  • Contixo Brand
  • 1.14 Pounds Weight
  • F18 Plus Model
  • BLACK Color
  • Remote Controller Mirror Adjustment
  • FHD 1080p Video Capture Resolution
  • No Are Batteries Included
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Communication Technology
  • 13.46 x 12.76 x 6.38 inches Package

Contixo f18 Drone Reviews in 2021 

Contixo f18 2K HD  wi-fi camera Drone 40 minutes flight time, which is 20 mins and 20 mins with modular design battery. It is difficult to get such an arrangement in a common drone at this price range. Contixo f18 Best Beginner affordable price Drone in the market in 2021. It can capture great scenery on a 1080P  wi-fi camera at a 120 ┬░ FOV angle from 1500ft.

This is not possible for the most common drone on the market at the $200-$300 drone price range. Feel free to fill your ideal selfy or pretty design drone hobby with Contixo f18 RC Quadcopter. The new updated Contixo f18 GPS drone technology can operate smartly through an app-controlled function. It’s fun to move a drone at the fingertips on the app’s LCD screen.

More modern features have been added to Contixo apps. Follow Me and Orbit mode will fill the popular selfie photos of the time. With these features, you can move the drone behind you. Using the GPS feature of the f18 RC Quadcopter model drone will protect it from the possibility of getting drone loss. Taking advantage of GPS location, you can lower the drone from danger by simple pressing a key return button.

Beginner’s drone Contixo f18 RC drone uses a Powerful brushless motor. Lack of internal problems with brush motors increases the chances of drone long life. Due to the long-life brushless motor, its running speed is smooth. You will enjoy watching the drone run. Because of this quality of the drone, even if you are a beginner user, you will not realize it. Looking at the activity of the drone, it would seem that it is an experienced pilot

Contixo f18 Drone Features

Contixo f18 Drone Features

To know more about the affordable drone Contixo f18, you need to have a good idea about its basic function. If you know the important ultra-high-definition, You will have comfort in mind when buying. Here you have to clear about the f18 drone by informing about the main features.

Contixo f18 Modular Batteries

The importance of charging drones. In this case, the good and bad of the battery come first. You need to know charging capacity and battery quality. Otherwise, the drone may crash. The Contixo F18 RC Quadcopter Drone has 2 quality modular batteries. The modular system makes charging and hassle-free.

For modular reasons, you will enjoy 40 minutes of flight time with 2 x 7.4V 1800mAH batteries. There are many drones of modular battery designs in the market. Holy stone and DJI brands also have drones of this design. However, from customer reviews, I understand that Contixo f18 Modular Batteries drones are the best for beginners at an affordable prices range. 

Contixo f18 5Ghz 2K UHD Camera

Where is the fun now in a quadcopter drone without a full HD camera? The real fun of flying a drone with a high-definition camera. The importance of the drone camera in any professional or entertainment work is immense. Contixo f18 quadcopter drone equipped with a 5Ghz 2K UHD wi-fi and FPV transmission camera.

From beginner users to advanced pilots, anyone can use the f18 camera. Ultra High-definition, 2K UHD camera is great for capturing any scenario from 1500 ft high. Your blog or social profile will meet the faster image demand with 1080p resolution. Any digital photographer can get the fun of his professional life by using the f18 quadcopter drone.

Contixo f18 Auto Return Home

Contixo f18 Auto Return Home

Can you imagine how safe and fun the Auto Return Home function is? A feature that is safe for both an experienced pilot and a beginner user. Contixo F18 RC quadcopter drone’s GPS Auto Return Home will return the disaster quadcopte by pressing a button. Using this valuable feature is not difficult. This type of affordable drone has great return home features that are not available in the market.

Contixo f18 Water Resistant Backpack

The attractive backpack with a Contixo brand sticker comes in Water Resistant system. Contixo company has designed it in the planned way with the best talent. You will not bother to carry this beautiful backpack, Rather you will get the feel of the latest fashion. Where you have to run for the backpack of another drone in the market. In such a situation, the company has given the perfect size backpack for the F18 drone.

Contixo f18 Brushless Motor

Contixo f18 RC Quadcopter Drone has 4 powerful brushless motors. These will increase the speed of your drone. The drone will rise to the top as soon as you ask. You can stop flying drones at any moment, just by brushless motors. Brushless motors are far ahead of these expensive drones in the market in terms of motor quality.

Contixo f18 drone, What’s in the box

In the box, you will find the best quality charger with the Contixo f18 GPS FPV Drone. Get an extra battery. You will get 8 smooth Propeller Blades. There will be a remote control. There will be an urgent Propeller Changing Tool. The screwdriver will get a. You will get an instruction manual. You will get a beautiful Mobile Phone Clip. Get a Quick Start Installation Guide with a Coverage Card.

Contixo f18 drone, Why are different?

The Drone 2K Quad HD F18 Plus GPS feature is suitable for beginners and adult pilots. This is not usually the case with drones of this price range in the market. The combination of 2 battery life provides a maximum flight time of 40 minutes. It has a .5 GHz WiFi transmission which makes the F18 RC Quadcopter Drone model quite different from other drones. The 2,000 fit control range drone has to charge for the first 2 hours. 

Contixo f18 Drone Reviews final thoughts

Contixo f18 RC Quadcopter Drone Review At the end I have to say something. Because I have had more experience from social media and direct from two mediums before coming to the last writing. Contixo f18 RC Quadcopter Drone is a visionary drone everyone is talking about. It’s in effect fun to see it rising in the sky. The f18 drone with LED lights on in the night sky gives strange joy.

The quadcopter has enough advanced feature drones for beginners. The use menu should look like 30 minutes before it flies. But there is nothing to fear, the beginners will be able to run it even if they know one of the two main features. I have seen in Contixo f18 Drone Review that most of the customers have a good reputation for its camera quality. They also mentioned that it is getting a perfect HD quality image.

Many people are enjoying the GPS facility of beginner pilot Contixo f18 RC Quadcopter Drone so much that they are no longer bothering with other features. Last but not least, the Contixo f18 Drone is one of the most affordable price range quadcopter on the market today.

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