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[Summary: The deerc de22 drone- excellent design weighing 560g and the highest 52 minutes flight time with two intelligent batteries, has a folding system. 2 Axis- Gimbal UHD 4K camera with EIS stabilization gives amazing photo dream shot and video footage in zoom up to 5 times. The 5 Level wind-resistant drone de22 has the advanced feature of ‘Follow Me’ with GPS 5G FPV Transmission. Keep an eye out for deerc De22 drone reviews below to know the pros and cons.]

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So let’s start with your desired Deerc de22 drone review. It is good to know that de22 is one of the best-selling drones among many hit devices of the Deerc brand. And while people like to compare D22 with DJI Mavic mini 2, the drone Deerc de22 is considered the equivalent of DJI Mini 2.

The advanced feature with Nice Look has made the Deerc de22 pro drone more consumer-friendly. At the same time, people are more attracted due to good performance.

This semi-professional Deerc de22 GPS device is ahead of expensive drones in-camera high-quality. Among the drones under $500, it is preferred in the market due to its many advanced features. Also preferred because of the affordable price range.

Even if you are a beginner drone user, I will tell you to like it because of its easy handling. The aerial drone de22 will not disappoint adult pilots either. You can capture aerial photos dream shot with quality.

But let’s find out why this would be the perfect drone for you. After the Deerc de22 FPV drone review, if you want, you can easily buy this robot from Amazon at home. 

DEERC DE22 Drone Review in 2022

Product Key Specs

  • Brand Name DEERC
  • Black color, 15.9 x 11.2 x 3 inches Dimensions
  • DE22 model
  • With 1 extra battery
  • Lithium Polymer Battery Cell Composition
  • 27.75 Watt-Hours Battery Capacity
  • about 4.5hours one battery Charging Time (28 minutes of flight time)
  • Remote Control System
  • Weight 560 Grams
  • in TF memory card 3840 x 2160 Image Resolution
  • 4900 Feet Maximum Range
  • FPV Transmission up to 900-3900ft
  • Circle Fly, Waypoints

The weight of the deerc de22 is not a 249-gram drone, it looks slim, but in the USA, you have to register FAA. It’s an easy five-minute job.


The foldable de22 robot comes in a smooth black color. It designed advanced plastic material; its design is similar to that of next-level drones. Beginners, mid-level users, and adult drone pilots will feel comfortable using the deerc de22.

It comes with a black folding case; it is perfect for keeping drones, chargers, and other parts safe. You, too, will enjoy this free gift case.


deerc de22 pro drone 4K UHD Camera Quality image stability and video footage at the professional level. In the meantime, it has been able to occupy a place in the market for better camera quality according to the fantastic price.

The Deerc de22 FPV drone comes with a brushless motor- it is silent and performs well. Its maximum flight time is 52 minutes- much better than expensive drones. Let’s learn about the various features that are useful below.

DEERC DE22 Drone Review: Design & Build

I am reviewing the deerc de22 pro drone, first attracted to its classic design- foldable design robot weighs 560g and has dimensions of 15.9 x 11.2 x 3 inches. A good-looking device like DJI brand drones will make you’re feeling good in the beginning.


As a trainee drone user, you will not feel uncomfortable with the device – because of the body’s classic design. And you will be more satisfied with its advanced features and easy use. It is designed with 2 intelligent batteries system- with the latest brushless motor- Comes with 5 level wind-resistant.

However, I think this extraordinary drone under $500 would have achieved total perfection if it had weighed less than 250g. Although, you can register the FAA online to fly the drone in the USA.


But you can be sure that it is not behind the design of many other advanced drones in the market, instead of getting an excellent drone at a low cost.

DEERC DE22 Drone Review: Image & Video Quality

The high-quality camera feature of this beautiful drone is far enough to meet HD image expectations. And that’s why I think it’s in demand in the market.


Comes with aerial photography capture capability drone Deerc de22- 4k camera 2-Axis Gimbal with EIS anti-shake technology allows the device to capture smooth images- this is special for travelers or beginner photographers. With more benefits-  

4K UHD of de22pro drone with 5 times zoom function. There are 100 ° FOV and 80 adjustable lenses for taking a high-quality photo on the perfect shot.


The deerc de22 drone contains 4k / 30fps video footage and is capable of a 3900 ft FPV transmission. And the perfect shot aerial photography quality is not as disappointing as it looks. The high-quality camera drone is the best in terms of price.

DEERC DE22 Drone Review: Remote Controller

The DEERC DE22 comes with a black 2.4GHz remote controller that can capture drones in the 4900-foot range – it’s smooth and impressive.


At the top of it, there is a folding stand to hold the mobile device. And it has a small screen. You can see some feature programs here.


The function of this delightful remote controller is to make the flight easy and smooth. It has the potential to break if left on the concrete by hand, so use with caution.

deerc camera

DEERC DE22 Drone Review: Flight Performance

Deerc de22pro drone Flight performance of the device is like being happy. Below you will get a maximum of up to 52 minutes of flight time- 2 intelligent batteries provide it, although one battery comes with the ability to give up to 28 minutes battery life- This time in the comparative market is undoubtedly admirable.


Without a drone pilot’s incompetence- a fit DEERC DE22 completes a smooth and stable flight. It can also fly max speed 43.2km/h steadily in the air- level 5 wind speed-resistant capability makes it possible- Many expensive drones come on the market without this feature.


It comes with some advanced features for a better flying experience and drone safe- I think that’s one of the reasons many people are interested in this drone. Let’s clear up the following features.

DEERC DE22 Drone Review: Altitude Hold

The DE22pro drone comes with the Altitude hold Safe feature- this technology keeps the robot stable, giving a smooth flight experience. It is quite a beginner drone user-friendly- it is possible to flight control the start and landing using one key button. The altitude hold feature makes drone flying fun- plays a role in keeping it safe.

DEERC DE22 Drone Review: Follow Me 

Advance and one of my favorite features are “Follow Me”- it’s like a pet bird- it will follow you from your car, bicycle, or walk- just by turning on the feature, you will see the activity on the Deerc de22 drone app led screen- it is also called selfie feature. 


DEERC DE22 Drone comes with Follow Me feature. It will give you fun flying drones along with other classic features. You will enjoy the device in another dimension.

DEERC DE22 Drone Review: GPS Safe Fly

GPS Feature Drone advanced addition. Excellent DEERC DE22 Comes with a GPS flight mode feature- the Beginner pilot feels comfortable flying the drone.- you can see where your drone is on the mobile device app’s led screen. Even if the drone is missing for some reason, the GPS flight path facility can bring it back.

DEERC DE22 Drone Review: Pros & Cons

deerc dee 22



  • Enjoyable design and easy to use
  • Image quality is super
  • Flight time is about 52 minutes
  • There are enough advanced features
  • Foldable drone design travel utility
  • Brushless motor level 5 wind wind-resistant
  • The intelligent battery system
  • Weight 560g, not a lightweight drone.

How Can You Fly Deerc DE22

The DEERC app interface will show you the details. You can see what the drone sees and how it responds to commands by using the mobile phone app. The app is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. You must establish a connection with the app, and it must be able to fly confidently.


Are Deerc drones good?

Of course, Deerc drones are Good. You will find Deerc drones among the best-selling drones online. Many of these drones have good star ratings- Among them, DEERC DE22 is a well-known model.

How do you use a Deerc drone?

Most of the Deerc drones are easy to fly. After complete preparation, I will start flying by pressing one key start button under the open sky in a field.

How far can the Deerc drone go?

The flight range of Deerc drones is not bad. However, not all drones go the same distance. Some go up to a maximum of 4900 Feet.

DEERC DE22 Review: Final Thoughts

At the end of the deerc de22 drone review, I would like to say that after the DJI Mavic mini 2, it is my favorite device – it is a perfect robot at an affordable price range. It comes with the necessary modern features- The perfect device for mid-range drone pilots. Beginners and adult pilots will also have fun flying it.


If you want a drone with outstanding performance- the body size of the robot is beautiful- the flight time is 52 minutes- the image quality is admirable. The price range is under $500- then the Amazing deerc D22 drone is perfect for you.

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