Types of Drones – What Are The Different Types Of Drones?

With so many new advances in drone technology, the potential for drones is endless. The ability to use drones in any number of applications, such as photography, surveys, and law enforcement, is appealing. But, with so many different types of drones to pick from, how can you choose which one to get? With so many types of drones, it is sometimes difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs. This blog will discuss different types of drones and which one is best for your application.

From the age of remote control helicopters to the generation of remote control UAVs, we grew up. The process of modernization has given us a lot, among which a drone is the most significant invention- different types of drones are now available in the market.

Children, as well as adults, entrepreneurs, as well as militaries, every sphere of modern life, has the implementation of an Unmanned Aircraft System UAS. As the usage of this remote control aircraft is increasing drastically, it is better to have a clear idea about this magnificent vehicle. Therefore, we are here to provide you with a brief conception of types of drones and their uses. Check out this article before investing in a drone to make a perfect choice.

Things Different Types of Drones Can Usually Do

Implementation of drones is increasing over time as the technology is rapidly spreading in 2022. From military purposes to product deliveries, from recreational to commercial use, from agricultural purposes to photography, people are using drones in different types of spheres of life in this century.

Although drones were used for military purposes in the past, nowadays their usage has significantly increased. Their usage is no longer confined to military missions or border surveillance. People are using this remote control vehicle in different types of aspects of life. Some of drones usage in the 21st century are:

  • Military purpose
  • Surveillance
  • Rescue operations
  • Transport and shipping
  • Photography
  • Aerial mapping
  • Fishing
  • Security
  • Historical conservation
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Firefighting
  • Research
  • Surveying
  • Leisure
  • Recreation
  • Storm tracking
  • Healthcare
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Outer space

Different Types Of Drones List Complete Guide

Due to an increased level of efficiency and safety, drones have got their way into the mainstream. From a remote military camp to emergency deliveries, every sphere of life has the usage of drones nowadays. Therefore, not all purposes require the same drone. The shape and size of a drone vary depending on its purpose.

Different Types Of Drones List Complete Guide

A drone can be as large as an airplane, as small as a few inches. Due to an increased level of efficiency and safety, drones have got their way into the mainstream. There are different types of drones available in the market for different purposes. For your better understanding, we have categorized them as follows.

List of 19 Different Types of Drones

  1. Windy conditions & high wind Drones
  2. Roof inspections drones
  3. Foldable & backpack Drones
  4. Fishing Drones
  5. Hunting Drones
  6. Commercial drones
  7. Agriculture Drones
  8. Under 400 Drones
  9. Under 700 Drones
  10. Military drones
  11. Delivery Drones
  12. Property Security Drones
  13. Follow me drones
  14. Wedding drones
  15. Photos, videos & selfie drones
  16. Spy Drones
  17. GPS & FPV drones
  18. Wifi & micro mini drones
  19. Types of single drone for different uses

Windy Conditions & High Wind Drones

The wind is a crucial consideration for drones because they will be flying in the wind. Considering windy conditions, not every model of the drone is suitable for high wind conditions. If you take an unsuitable model for high wind, your drone may crash. Therefore, you need a wind-resistant drone if you are planning for photography or fishing in high wind conditions. A drone for windy conditions should have these features:

  • It should resist at 10-15 mph wind
  • It should deliver a speed of 64 km/h
  • The battery life should not be less than 20 minutes
  • The range of remote control should be more than 6.5 km
  • It should have replaceable camera lenses

Roof Inspections Drones

Although the journey of drones started as a hobby and a means of entertainment, today they have a vast area of commercial use. One of the essential applications of drones is building and construction inspection. A roof inspection can be risky for humans and comparatively costly.

However, you can do this task by using drones cost-effectively within a short time. But not all types of drones are suitable for this task. Among various kinds of drones available out there, some have special technology and are better suited for construction inspections. Roof inspection drones should have the following features:

  • Excellent flying ability
  • Ensures top-notch quality photographs
  • Excellent control system
  • Minimum 25 minutes flight time
  • Highly durable
  • User friendly
  • Several flight modes and sensors

Foldable & Backpack Drones

Collapsible or foldable drones are the newest edition invented for adventurous people. You can fold and carry this new model into your backpack while traveling. People who don’t want to miss the natural view exceptionally should have these backpack drones. Although a lot of drones are available out there, neither all of them can fit into your backpack nor all of them are foldable. Here are some features of foldable drones:

  • They should have image stabilization technology
  • They should possess the feature of avoiding obstacles
  • They should have a carrying case
  • They should include two batteries at least with a rechargeable remote control
  • They should be ultralight and collapsible

Fishing Drones

While you are planning on a fishing trip, you need to pick up a drone that suits you the most with this context. Certainly, for fishing purposes, the drone needs to be waterproof and consists of several features. The ideal fishing drones have these features

  • They have a fantastic flight control
  • They are self-leveling.
  • They have an orientation manner so that you can control the orientation
  • They have an altitude grip that helps them to stay stable at a high distance
  • They have a GPS so that you can have their flying location
  • They are easy to fly
  • They possess an impressive distance range
  • They can withstand high wind

Hunting Drones

Drones have paved a new way to the areas of hunting and adventure. Hunting has become more relaxed and more enjoyable with the use of drones. With the help of a hunting drone, you can have a clear visual representation of the area you are scouting. Besides, you can have some other advantages if you have a perfect hunting drone. The drone for hunting should have the following features:

  • It should have the follow-me mode
  • It should have sensors and safety features
  • It should be able to avoid obstacles
  • It should feature a flight time of at least 30 minutes
  • It should have an excellent quality camera that is 180-degree adjustable.
  • It should be portable and lightweight.

Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are specialized drones for use in enterprises rather than for hobbies. Their demand is increasing day by day due to their utmost support, reliability, and safety. They can provide more precise data within the shortest possible time.

Besides, they are able to carry heavy payloads and multiple payloads at a time. Therefore, you can gather data quickly and more accurately by using a drone. There are mainly three types of commercial drones available out there. They are:

  • Fixed-wing drones
  • Single rotor drones
  • Multi-rotor drone

Agriculture Drones

These are unmanned aircraft, used for agricultural purposes. The use of agriculture drones is increasing day by day due to their excellent efficacy. Agriculture drones can help in various ways. You can gather information about your field and crop, reveal soil variation, identify different kinds of pests, and differentiate between unhealthy and healthy crops.

You need to choose a drone for agriculture purposes depending on your preference. If the area of your field is large, a fixed-wing drone will work. On the other hand, a multi-rotor drone will work if the fly area is small. In addition to that, other features that an agriculture drone should have are:

  • An excellent flight range
  • Impressive flight time
  • An excellent payload capacity
  • A mind-blowing cruise speed

Under 400 Drones

There are some fabulous drones under $400 that feature excellent cameras and impressive flight mode for an aerial photographer. Along with that, they feature GPS, automatic return home, tracking with the phone, and so on. In addition to that, they offer an 8km controlling range for versatile use. Surprisingly, you can take short cinematic videos with a 3-axis gimbal system.

Some of the available drones feature voice control systems and gravity sensor control. Therefore, you can choose an under 400 drone for professional photography as well as for commercial use.

Under 700 Drones

Under 700 drones have more advanced technologies and amusing features than under 400 drones. You can take hours of videos with the help of a single drone in a more convenient way. Fortunately, you can obtain many excellent drones for under $700 with innovative technology and cameras.

They can provide a full 1080 HD video and HD pictures. In addition, most of them offer a decent flight time of 20 minutes. You’ll get these features in an under 700 drone:

  • Full 1080 HD resolution
  • 2/3-axis gimbal stabilizer
  • GPS tracking
  • Not less than 20 minutes flight time

Military Drones

Nowadays military missions are incomplete without drones. The use of unmanned aircraft was mainly initiated for military purposes. And in today’s world, drones are the primary equipment in every military mission. Due to their high efficiency and safety, drones have become more popular than manned aircraft today. Military drones are used for several purposes such as:

  • Battle missions
  • Research 
  • Target decoy 
  • Supervision
  • Investigation 
  • Frontline intelligence
Military Drones

Delivery Drones

Delivery drones possess autonomous capabilities to deliver packages from one place to another. Among all the categories of drones, the use of drones has been increasing massively due to fast and safe shipment. Delivery drones are useful for

  • Medicine delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Food delivery
  • Postal delivery
  • Resupply offshore ships

The package delivery with drones has shown us a new path of modernization. Now, we can send emergency medicine, blood, vaccines, and other healthcare instruments to remote regions with the help of drones. Especially, during the covid-19 situation, this technology has made the delivery of medicines and vaccines easier in the United States.

Property Security Drones

Another significant application of consumer drones is property surveillance and inspection. Among various categories of drones, some are intended for inspection and surveillance of properties. No doubt, you need a reliable, precise, intuitive, and trustworthy drone for inspecting your property. An intuitive security drone will provide the best quality thermal image. Fortunately, some brands in the market provide property security drones at an affordable price.

Follow Me Drones

Follow me drones are a great use for an aerial photographer. They contain the technology of following you autonomically no matter where you go. Drones with follow-me technology are more fun with added benefits for capturing your moments.

This intelligent technology comes with either GPS or GSS enabled devices so that it can follow you the entire time it is active. In addition, they use recognition technology with some other software that provides the ability to recognize a person. The range of distance depends on the manufacturing company. Therefore, you need to keep the distance short at the beginning.

Wedding Drones

Wedding photography is another overwhelming application of drone technology. Every year the percentage of wedding photography with drones is increasing as they can capture breathtaking moments. Whether it is an outdoor wedding or at the plaza, a drone can catch every blissful moment of your special day magically.

Photos Videos & Selfie Drones

With a huge variety of updated models and features, the ways of taking selfies have upgraded. Now you can take photos, selfies and shoot videos more aesthetically with selfies drones. Selfie drones are generally lightweight and compact with the ability to take selfies and videos smoothly.

The good news is, you won’t be needing any experience and drone registration for using selfie drones. Therefore, you can enjoy and capture your precious moments more easily

Spy Drones

How would it be if the drone could serve the purpose of a spy? Well, the dream comes true with this unmanned vehicle. A drone can silently snoop around and keep an eye on your enemy. Nowadays some spying drones are available in the market that can serve you with surveillance without getting caught. There are many options available to choose from. You can select from a low budget to a higher budget with the utmost technologies included.

GPS & FPV Drones

FPV (First Person View) drones are different from other commercial drones in the way that they are used for competitive sports racing rather than photography. There are FPV quadcopters, multi-rotors, hexacopters to offer you a far better experience. There are different leagues and championships available in the USA for FPV drone racing. These drones have a fantastic speed that can reach 60 miles per hour. Some available FPV racing drones are:

Wifi & Micro Mini Drones

Microdrones are smaller than mini drones, specialized for militaries and indoor flights. Microdrones are of great advantage for militaries. They can serve as excellent intelligence and collect useful information. They often contain a stabilization system and headless mode for making the flight easier. Besides, they can provide photographs and take short videos when necessary.

Two Types Of Drones

Depending on the structure, we can divide drones into two types. The first one is a fixed-wing drone and the other one is a multi-rotor drone. 

Fixed-wing drone: A fixed-wing drone works like an airplane. It consists of a rigid planar wing attached to the body. Most of the fixed-wing drones were used at the early age of drone invention. 

Multi-rotor drone: It is the most popular drone type. Multi-rotor drones are the most commonly used drones nowadays and they are really great-looking

Classes Of Drones

Classes Of Drones

We classify drones according to different criteria. As you can see we discussed earlier according to their functionality and structure. Now we’ll look into other classifications. We can classify drones according to their size as follows:

  • Large drones
  • Medium drones
  • Small drones or mini drones
  • Nano drones
  • Micro-drones

Another way of classifying drones is according to their travel range. We can classify drones according to their range too. Some of them have a very short range of working whilst most have a mid-range. Therefore, one should choose the range depending on his preference.

The Best Drone of all Time

Although the journey of different types of drones started quite a long time ago, they have become more popular in the last decade. And after then, their popularity and demand increased surprisingly. Therefore, drone manufacturers are also developing their technologies and ideas to produce the best drones of all time. Although different drones are best for different categories, we can say, the best drone for photography and videography is DJI Inspire 2.

Type of Drone Suitable for Ordinary People

A drone can make you unique among a mass of people. You can have some unforgettable experiences if you carry a drone with you on a journey or picnic. However, as there are different types of drones available now, one might get confused about selecting the most suitable drone. Therefore, here are some suggestions to think about before choosing a drone.
1. Think about your preference and the area you are flying.
2. Choose the range consciously, otherwise, it might get difficult to fly your favorite drone.
3. Look for the best version of the camera. For example, it is best if the drone has a panorama shooting feature.
4. If your purpose is only photography, then find a drone with full HD resolution at the best price.
5. For ordinary people, it is always best to choose a drone that does not require any license.
6. Choose the flight area that does not have any restrictions.
7. Be careful about using spying drones. Any illegal act can result in a bad experience in life.
While using a drone for agricultural purposes, make sure to choose the suitable one for your field.


Comparing the present time with the time before drone technology was invented, we can see how much drones have impacted every aspect of our lives. Today we can conquer anything that was unimaginable before the invention of different types of drones. Fortunately, this industry is getting more advanced day by day, promising to provide us with the most convenient drone at the most reasonable price. We hope that our next generation will have the most incredible adventures and experiences using different types of drones. 

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