Drone Flying Tips for Newbies: Do Drones Need WiFi to Fly?

Currently, the use of drones has gained a lot of attention. The use of drones in today’s Internet-powered world raises a number of questions. The often asked question is – do drones need Wi-Fi to fly? Well, the direct answer is yes; drone pilots can fly the device without Wi-Fi.

Whether it is a police drone, consumer drone, or toy drone, they are different from each other. They offer different designs, features, and functionalities. But the similarity is most of them can fly without any internet connection.

Does it mean that you do not need Wi-Fi at all in any drone operations? Drones offer plenty of modern technologies and enjoy their benefits; you may need to use internet connectivity.

Do Drones Need WiFi to Fly?

Are drones connected to the internet connection

We have already known that you can fly a drone without Wi-Fi. It does not need any cellular service or even GPS signals; you can fly it offline. Fortunately, the consumer drone, for example- Mavic Pro, Autel Evo, and Parrot Anafi, can fly to their location using a GPS signal. That means you do not need an internet connection to know where your drone is located.

Notated that many drones do not include GPS. You need an internet connection to activate the comper then you can go offline. So, the clear answer is, drones do not need an internet connection to fly, but they must be capable of sending an accurate signal from the controller to the device to operate.

The drones usually come with a built-in system controller, which can send these wireless signals using radio waves. This built-in system controller or transmitter must be able to send messages to the drone so that you can control the steering, altitude, and all other necessary action that you may need to do for successful flying.

However, most drone operators have to download drone apps before flying their devices. Once they download the app and activate the drone, an internet connection is not required.

Modern consumer drones do use cellular service

Modern consumer drones do use cellular service

At present, the DJI (Da Jiang Innovations) is the most popular and reliable modern consumer drone maker which was born in 2006 and founded by Frank Wang. The DJI is now selling its quadcopters all around the world.

In 2012, this company launched its first flagship modern drone, Phantom. By selling Phantom, DJI quickly starts to dominate the consumer drone market. Within 2018, DJI covers 72% of the total drone market by selling the next Mavic and Spark series. Gradually the consumer drone market becomes bigger with many more new modern drone manufacturers, but still, the question is same-do drones need Wi-Fi to fly?

When you open up your new consumer drone, you might find all the necessary accessories to fly the drone. Can you fly a drone without Wi-Fi? Undoubtedly, yes, but the cellular service can make you more comfortable in-flight control when it comes to the modern drone. Drone operations become easier with the cellular service; that’s why many modern consumer drones use it.

Day by day, the manufacturer offers plenty of new features, and a mobile device can help you the most to enjoy these features. Even using a cellular network, you can also make your control the drone and its flight times.

Can you fly Mavic Pro without Wi-Fi?

The Mavic Pro is the smallest and smartest quadcopter of DJI, which can fold up into a water bottle-sized package. This tiny drone comes with all the smart features of other flagship models, additionally a few new ones to boot.

You can fly the Mavic Pro with the controller. You can also use your phone to control it. But, still, the question is- do you need Wi-Fi to fly this drone? And the answer is yes.

If you are looking for a drone for fun, then the Mavic Pro is the right choice. This tiny, folding device will show you the magic when you will fly it. You just have to install DJI GO then DJI Go 4 on your android device or smartphone.

Now you can easily control the drone using this drone app without an internet connection. If there is a strong radio signal frequency, then the drone can easily communicate with the controller, and the drone pilot can fly the device like operating a toy copter.

Noted that not only the Mavic Pro but all DJI drones can fly without Wi-Fi or an internet connection. Like other commercial and consumer drones, these drones need to connect with the specific drone app; then, the pilot can control them using the remote control, smartphone, or tab.

Drone pilots can flight control without a phone

Once you learn how to fly a drone, it will be very easy to control. No need to use a smartphone, the only remote control is enough to take full control over the quadcopter. You just have to know how different parts of the controller interact together. Additionally need to know how these parts act individually.

Just remember that your movement with a stick will control the movement of the drone. During your first attempt, very gently push the sticks, so the drone starts with a slight movement. Once your finger is introduced with a stick properly, you can make a long flight.

The four main drone controls are:

  1. Roll
  2. Pitch
  3. Yaw
  4. Throttle

Let us go for each control.

  1. Roll

The roll moves the drone left or right. You need to push the right stick on the remote control to the right or the left. This movie is called Roll because literally, it can roll the drone. In plain language, this right stick will roll your drone left and right.

  1. Pitch

Again hold the right stick on the remote control to forward or backward. This stick will tilt the drone and create a forward or backward movement. That means pitching forward and backward will help your quadcopter move to the front and back.

  1. Yaw

It is an important part of controlling a drone. Yaw rotate the drone clockwise and counterclockwise. To go for these moves, you have to push the left stick to the left or the right.

Yaw can help the pilot to create required patterns and circles. This movement can also help the device take video and aerial shots even when following objects that are constantly changing directions.

  1. Throttle

The throttle is another important part of controlling the drone without using any phone. It gives the propellers on the drone the necessary power to get airborne. You need to push the left stick to the forward to engage the throttle. Similarly, if you want to disengage, push the left stick backward.

We hope, now you can easily control your flight without a phone. What do you say? Do drones need Wi-Fi to fly? Not always.

How does Wi-Fi drone work

How does Wi-Fi drone work

Almost all of us are familiar with Wi-Fi. As in the past, the use of Wi-Fi is no longer limited to computers. But with the modernization of technology, the use of Wi-Fi has become much more widespread.

Do drones need Wi-Fi to fly, is it? Yes, it is. Other smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, drones can also use Wi-Fi. At present, there is a huge cross-section of drone technology that is created targeting the Wi-Fi network connection.

By connecting with Wi-Fi the pilot will be capable of controlling the device remotely.

The modern drones need to go with some easy steps to connect Wi-Fi to your phone or tab. Once it is connected, the host can catch the drone signal immediately, and the pilot can proceed to the next step.

The latest unmanned aerial vehicle is specially designed to connect with Wi-Fi. These devices are made in such a way as to broadcast video to a smartphone or tablet. They are also remote controlled using a phone or tab.

Can you fly a drone without Wi-Fi?

Do you need Wi-Fi to fly a drone? This is a question we have answered many times. Because there is many of us still think that drones can not fly without an internet connection. But this is a completely wrong idea.

A do whatever it is a consumer drone, a commercial drone, or a toy drone, it needs an internet connection or Wi-Fi only for activation, that’s all. Once the comper activates and connects with its remote control, you do not need Wi-Fi to fly it.

Even most modern drones can fly and record video without Wi-Fi. The best example of such a drone is DJI Mavic Mini.

You may think that to follow the google map, your quadcopter should be connected to the internet. But there is also an easy solution. Just download the required Google mao and save it into your phone. Whenever you use your smartphone to control the computer, you can also use this map.

So, you do not need to use Wi-Fi to fly the drone. Just use it to activate the device. Even for many drones, you should turn off Wi-Fi and fly the drone offline to get a better flight.

control means you are flying your copter manually and miss lots of advantages also. Using data will allow you to control the device with a smartphone or tab. Even you can also use your iPad to fly your copter. Well, how you will fly your drone is depends only on your requirements, that’s all.

Do Drones Need Wi-Fi to Fly: Final Thoughts

We hope, now you have the clear answer to the question that many drone consumers often asked to us- ‘do drones need Wi-Fi to fly.’ In short, you can definitely fly the drone without Wi-Fi, but you might not use many attractive features even the flight speed can also become low. Just using only a remote 


Do all drones use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

According to the drone experts, usually, these small copters run by 2.4 gigahertz radio waves. They send radio signals to communicate with their aircraft, and many drones use Wi-FI or Bluetooth for transmission on the 2.4 gigahertz. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is also important for enjoying some modern features of the drone.

Can a third party take control of your drone?

It cannot be said that all drone models can be taken over control by a third party, but definitely, some model has this issue. It’s called drone hacking. That means hackers can hack some drone models. It usually occurred with a Wi-Fi-controlled copter.
This problem can create a security issue for a commercial drone or a police drone. But the good news is that the manufacturers are hardly trying to fix this issue.

How far can drones fly?

How far a drone can fly depends largely on its type. For example, a high-level consumer drone can fly a maximum distance of 2.5 to 4.5 miles or 4 to 8km. At the same time, a mid-level consumer drone can fly up to 0.25 to 1.5 miles or 400m to 3km. If it is a toy drone, then do not expect to fly more than 20 to 100 yards.

Do you need a cell phone to fly a drone?

No, a cell phone is not mandatory for flying a drone. But definitely, a smartphone is necessary for the majority of drones to act as the FPV (first-person view) screen. Besides, lots of features need a smartphone or tab with an internet connection to activate.

What does a Wi-Fi drone mean?

The Wi-Fi drones are some specific drones with lots of advanced features and functionalities. You can see the live video with the dedicated drone apps and capture high-resolution images from your flying drone. More than that, you can also fly and control these modern Wi-Fi drones using your smartphone or even your iPad.

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