Best Holy Stone HS165 GPS Drone Review

Well-known Holy Stone hs165 GPS drone review first of all, if you want to buy a lovely drone for the first time, it is good for you that its user-friendly function will let you fly without confusion. And if it’s your second or third drone, its advanced 2K HD camera lets you take quality images with 90 ° FOV, so you’ll enjoy the freedom to capture shorts as you need them with a point of view.

The Holy Stone hs165 is a foldable drone and comes with a nice carrying case as a free gift, dispute-free to travel and relax without worrying about breaking up. The holy stone hs165 comes with safety features like an auto return home, tap fly, circle fly, follow me, and GPS to save the drone from being lost or crashed due to your incompetence.

Holy Stone HS165 GPS Drone Review: What you need to know

Holy Stone hs165Key Space: 

  • Holy Stone brand, HS165 model
  • Black Color, Plastic Material, Remote Control System
  • Video quality Resolution Capture FHD 1080p, Camera 2K HD
  • Comes with an extra battery, Wifi system, range up to 400 Meters
  • FPV Distance up to 590 ~ 820 feet

Holy Stone hs165 is a super GPS FPV drone. It comes with enough safety features for a safe flight. And it gives quality to clear aerial image capturing photography. Although it is a cheap price drone, its flight time is quite satisfactory.

It is a comfortable portable ultralight visual drone, weighing only 170g which is not typical of drones under $200.And it will not need faa registration.

I will give you more assurance that it is made of advanced plastic material. It will not break easily. However, if used carefully, its long-lasting power increases.

As well as being satisfied with flight time and flight performance, it gives a maximum flight time of 28 minutes which you will not find in many expensive drones. You will fly in the open field or under the blue sky of the beach without any disturbance in the joy of the mind.

Holy Stone HS165 Review: Photo and video status

Holy Stone hs165 GPS Drone is a fantastic camera drone. This excellent drone is capable enough to meet the expectations of your drone camera. It will allow you to capture the perfect moment from the angle you need. The camera connects to wifi up to 5g, which is why you get the advantage of capturing more perfect pictures.

Holy Stone HS165 range almost 0.250 km, so that you can get real-time photos at incredible speeds. You will also get equal freedom in video capture, which assures you of capturing the beautiful footage you desire. Nice to get all the comments by sharing them on your social profile. And you get 32 GB TF Memory Cards support for storing your favorite photos and video footage. However, you have to buy it from the market.

With the Holy Stone hs165 drone, you can complete regular photo work without any worries. The intelligent features that come with it are quite effective in helping to capture the perfect image. The smoothness and clear quality of the images will bring you appreciation from clients or friends. It is safe to say that the camera quality of the drone at an affordable price is remarkable.

Holy Stone HS165 GPS Drone Review: Flight quality

You fly a drone, and it should fly smoothly. And this is the standard flight you can expect from the Holy Stone hs165 drone without hesitation. It gives you a beautiful flight time of up to 28 minutes. Depending on the weather, it may take less than a minute or two. You will have to spend more money to buy a DJI drone of this quality flight time.

It has nothing to worry about while flying, and it allows you to use the Intelligent safe features to make drone flying more fun in any situation. You can now imagine how beautifully the slim black-colored drone flies and how efficiently the drone flies efficiently with the LED lights on in the dark of night.

But the most interesting thing is that it comes with advanced brushless technology so that you will get an easy flight without the vibration of the drone. Since most drones come with a standard battery system, it trembles in flight. In this case, Holy Stone hs165 will give you a smooth flight experience.

Holy Stone HS165 Review: How’s the remote?

The remote is an essential part of the drones that come with the remote control system. The remote of Holy Stone hs165 comes in a good size and design. At the top end is a folding slide system for holding mobile devices. The mobile led screen has a flight control and monitoring facility for your drone.

This nice remote will allow you to control the drone quickly, and it will capture up to 985 ~ 1315 feet max transmission flight distance. This capturing distance is enough for a beginner drone pilot that you will not find in many other expensive drones.

Holy Stone HS165 Review: Battery condition

The Holy Stone HS165 drone comes with excellent battery quality. It is a significant site for HS165 drones. It comes with 2 super batteries in the modular system, which gives you a simple auto process smooth flight time.

Its 2 Li-Po batteries get fully charged in 120 minutes, which is an average time, and a battery will give a maximum flight time of 14 minutes, allowing you to get a good flight for a total of 28 minutes.

Holy Stone HS165 GPS Drone Review: Safety function

Holy Stone HS165: Safety function

You can fly the Holy Stone HS165 without fear, as its intelligent features will help you save the drone from any difficult moment- you don’t have to worry about using the features; they are quite user-friendly.

While flying the drone, many people are afraid of the drone getting lost due to its own wrong operation. Many drones come with some safety features to protect the drone from such errors or mechanical faults. The GPS system of the Holy Stone HS165 Drone will protect you in this case- if you turn on the GPS Auto Return after following the guideline well before it flies, it will return your drone safely at any bad moment.

The 880mAh dual battery also makes the drone safe and easy to fly through the modular battery system where there is no chance of getting disrupted due to not having to change the drone battery manually.

Using its Follow me mode feature, you can smartly fly the drone without looking at it in the way you have shown. It makes drone technology more modern and makes it safer for users to have more fun.

The holy stone hs165 makes the flight safer and more creative by intelligently using intelligent and safe features like circle fly and tap fly.


  • holy stone hs165 Weight only 6 Ounces, compact drone- easy to carry
  • Camera quality Excellent- advanced 2K HD FPV camera
  • Comes with safety features- like GPS
  • FAA registration is not required, as the weight is under 250g
  • Enough flight time, prouder than expensive drones
  • Modern technology vibrationless modular battery system
  • Beginners have features like having fun flying


  • FPV function is not much improved

Holy Stone HS165 Drone: Whatever comes in the box

In the sacred Holy Stone hs165 review, you should know what the box brings – you can get it from Amazon. Be aware that the drone has a 4.2-star rating of 5 on Amazon.

You will find the HS165 Drone with a 2.4G transmitter in its box. You will get a carrying case. Of course, there will be two 7.4V 880mAh modular batteries. You will get two USB charging cables, one for the drone battery and the other for the transmitter. Along with that, you will get four spare propellers and spare screws, and you will get the most useful but small screwdriver.


Are Holy Stone drones any good?

Of course, Holy Stone drones are good. It uses state-of-the-art technology to make drones suitable for beginners to adult pilots – from cheap to expensive drones with advanced features – as well as consumer-friendly flight expectations.

How much is a Holy Stone drone worth?

Holy Stone brand drones come at different rates. You will get as much as 100 dollars. It also has drones above the 500 price range. So it is not a matter of knowing it in a precise way.

Holy Stone HS165 GPS Drone Review: Final Opinion

If you are a beginner drone user or need an advanced camera device at a cheap price- HS165 Drone will definitely be your first choice. Holy Stone HS165 price is under $200 and is ahead of many expensive drones in the market. 

Advanced drone pilots can also take it because it comes with several advanced features for playing with a flying drone. From my experience and customer reviews, I can say that the main thing is its exclusive ultra-lightweight, awesome to look at,- peace to fly- excellent photo quality. Lastly, the Holy Stone HS165 drone is low in price, so you decide and win.

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