Best Holy Stone HS175 Drone Reviews: Affordable Price

The Holy stone is a familiar drone creator company. It creates high-quality quadcopters with stunning features. The Holy stone hs175 is one of these drones that comes with advanced capabilities. This drone is perfect for beginner users and experienced drone pilots.

Yet before buying this drone, you need a holy stone hs175 review to gain an accurate idea about this drone and its features. Here I will give you a sanctified holy stone hs175 drone review which will help you make your decision.

Holy Stone HS175 specs:

  • The Holy stone hs175 drone is 6.98oz in weight.
  • The dimensions of this drone are 14.2*11.8*2.8 inches.
  • 2K HD 4MP camera with 90-degree vertical adjustable lens and 120-degree wide-angle
  • 2048x1080p resolution picture.
  • 5G FPV transmission. 
  • Micro SD card supported.
  • 7.6V 1300mAh Li-Po battery.
  • 2 drone batteries.
  • 22 minutes of flight time per battery.
  • The maximum remote control distance is 350 meters.
  • The maximum transmission distance is 300 meters.

Holy Stone HS175 Drone important feature with details:

Design and build quality:

The Holy stone hs175 is a foldable drone with an amazing design. The foldable fuselage design will let you make the drone small in size to allow storing the drone for outdoor traveling. This feature is also handy for outdoor traveling. This RC quadcopter comes with a durable design. This lightweight drone is made of ABS plastic which is very stable.

So you will feel comfortable flying this drone in windy conditions. Again, this drone has propeller guards/blade guards. You can find spare propellers with a user manual in the box. in a word, the appearance of this advanced drone is majestic. 

Camera condition

Camera condition:

Nowadays, we buy drones for their aerial photos and videos. That’s why a high-quality camera is essential for a drone. This amazing drone has a 2K UHD camera with a 120-degree wide-angle and 90-degree adjustable verticle angle.

This camera will allow you to capture real-time images on your phone. Again, this FPV drone will allow you to enjoy a terrific experience of the first-person view.

You can attach your mobile phone with the remote controller and enjoy the first-person perspective. If you want better quality images stable/videos, use a TF card to record videos and capture photos. Yet if you’re going to video shooting, use wifi to store them on your smartphone. And, stored videos and pictures resolution will be 1080p.

Remote Controller Situation:

The remote control of the holy stone hs175 quadcopter has an ergonomic design. This controller is subsidiary and comfortable to hold. You will feel comfortable holding this controller for a long time in your hand. For handling support, the remote controller has foldable arms. There is a mobile phone mount in the remote.

You can enable first-person view and intelligent flight modes after connecting your phone with the drone. This smartphone mount is also foldable, which will allow you to set your phone in a comfortable position. Moreover, this remote control has some buttons for quick access like a one-touch return button, altitude hold mode, power condition button. This controller makes it the best drone for the beginner also. 

One-touch take off/landing:

Some features of this drone make it a suitable holy stone hs175 quadcopter for beginners and experienced pilots. One-touch take-off and landing are some of these. every beginner drone user and some advanced pilots face many problems while landing the drone.

Often they crash their drone while landing. Over-eagerness, skipping manual, unknown of necessary steps, and inner fright may be reasons behind this problem. To avoid this crashing problem while landing, one-touch take-off, and the landing feature is the only solution. This nice feature will protect your drone from the wreckage while landing.

Headless mode:

Headless mode is a practical feature for safe flight. When your drone is out of sight and can not detect the face of the drone, headless mode is the safest feature to fly the drone. Using this feature, you can get the drone to align to the pilot’s face.

Follow me mode:

Follow me mode:

Follow me mode is a fascinating flight function that every drone user will love. Follow me mode will take complex shots keeping free your hands. when you are going outside and busy doing some works or sport.

You can capture your beautiful moments and activities with the help of following me mode. It will flow you, keeping a decent distance. So there are no worries about safety.

Gps auto-return:

GPS auto return is a magical feature. This magic prevents your drone from losing even if low power conditions and lost connection scenarios. To use this feature, you have to set a point first as a take-off place. Whenever you feel that the drone is out of sight or the situation is out of control, press the button on the controller, and the drone will fly back to the set point. Thus, using the GPS auto return home feature will let you enjoy flying the drone without worries.

Circle flying:

Circle flying is another magical feature of this drone. This feature is as easy as ABC to use this feature with the help of your smartphone app. set a center point first on the map using the smartphone app and let the drone fly around that point. The drone will be in auto-flying mode and give you a different angle. Thus, using circle flying mode, you can capture more impressive photos and videos during aerial flight.

Gesture control:

The holy stone hs175 drone comes with a gesture control facility. This gesture control feature will let you capture immediate photos or take instantaneous videos within three seconds. To active gesture control, you need to show a victory sign or your palm. If you show a victory sign, the drone will start taking pictures. And when you show your palm, the drone will start recording the video. So, this feature will change the way of taking photos and videos and make it easy.

Altitude Hold:

The altitude hold feature is a default system in the drone that will make flying easier for any user, especially beginners. The altitude hold feature will let you set a certain vertical height and lock it. So, this GPS FPV drone will remain stable even during your first flight. Moreover, this feature will help to capture clear, non-blurry photos.

Battery subject matter:

The holy stone hs175 drone comes with two modular batteries of 1300mAh and two USB charging cables. So, you can charge two batteries simultaneously, which will decrease your waiting period flying the drone and extend flight time. Each battery has 22 minutes of max flight time. That means you will have 44 minutes of battery life, which is just a fantastic period for an affordable drone. I do not think you will need any spear batteries if you buy this amazing drone.

Overall Holy stone hs175 drone reviews in 2022:

The Holy Stone hs175 drone is one of the best budget drones with a lot of advanced features. This drone comes with every feature to fill up your wishes. The 2K HD camera captures stable pictures, and the picture resolution is 2048*1080p, which is satisfying. Altitude hold mode will let you choose a comfortable height for the drone.

Believe me, this feature will help a lot, even for professional photography. Moreover, you can make vertical angle adjustments of the camera up to 90-degree. This holy stone hs175 GPS FPV drone has a 5G FPV transmission speed that will let you enjoy FPV video using your smartphone. The smartphone mount on the remote control is also adjustable.

Some quick access buttons on the remote controller make the drone easy and fun to fly for newbies. Another feature that helps beginner users a lot flying the drone is adjustable speed. You can fly the drone anywhere (indoor & outdoor), adjusting the speed to slow, medium, and fast. Intelligent flight modes can impress any person in the world.

Optical flow positioning, circle flying, GPS auto-return will allow you to see the world from a different angle than other drones. While flying the drone, you will be on another planet, and you need not worry about flight time. Two drone batteries will let the drone fly for more than 40 minutes.

Yet, one thing is a little disappointing. This GPS FPV drone has brushed motors. But these motors are not too much noise. You will not feel disturbed flying the, this is the final Holy stone hs175 drone review. This Holy stone hs175 drone review is enough to prove that this drone is suitable and satisfying for any drone owner.

Holy Stone HS175 Pros:

  • Foldable design with carrying bag.
  • Larger flight time. (two modular batteries)
  • Quick access buttons on the remote control. (one-key return home button)
  • Easy & fun to fly.
  • Advanced feature and intelligent flight mode.
  • Headless mode.

Holy Stone HS175 Cons:

  • Brushed motors.

Holy stone hs175 User Feedback :

I have researched customer reviews of the holy stone hs175 drone, and here is a summary of user feedback:

All the customers are happy with the drone’s performance. Both new pilots and experienced pilots do not have any problem flying this foldable drone. They like the foldable feature. For this, they can carry the drone in a pocket and the remote control in another one.

They find this lightweight drone enough sturdy. You will see a smooth fly even in rainy weather. Camera performance is satisfying for a photographer also. No problem with intelligent functions, and people like these features very much. They are enjoying using these features. The battery is the feature that people like most.

Two drone batteries with two chargers provide more than 40 minutes of flying time and take less time for charging. Kids are also enjoying the flight experience with the drone. Yet, a few people found problems with GPS but no problem with the brushed motors. However, most people find everything ok. That’s why this drone has a rating above 4 stars, almost 80%.

Holy stone hs175 drone reviews Final Thoughts:

I did the Holy Stone hs175 drone review, and I will recommend anyone to buy this drone. It is a budget drone for beginners, photographers, travelers, bloggers, and children. Anyone with this quadcopter drone will have a terrific flying experience using a lot of advanced features. It will be the best gift for a child or a new drone lover. So, the last word about the holy stone hs175 drone is, this is the best quadcopter at an affordable price for any user. If you want, you can compare it with Holy Stone HS165.

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