Holy Stone HS360 Review for Beginners to Adults

The Holy Stone Drone Company is making and selling regular drones. The HS360 is the latest in their line of drones, and it’s one of the best budget-friendly models on the market today. It has a 2-axis gimbal, a 2560x1440P camera, and a flight time of about 44 minutes with two batteries. The HS360 also features an altitude hold function, headless mode, and a return home button. If you are looking for an awesome drone that is affordable, this is the choice. Here you can see the Holy Stone HS360 review and understand why we think you should buy this drone:

Why Get HS360 Drone?

The Holy Stone HS360 is our latest model in the Holy Stone drone series. It has 3 special features that are suitable for capturing aerial photos or videos. First, the 6-axis gyro stabilizer system ensures a stable flight at any speed. Second, the 2.5K HD camera allows you to take aerial pictures and videos from the sky. Third, it comes with a headless mode feature that allows you to fly in any direction without having to worry about which way the drone is heading.

Holy Stone HS360 Features & Space

  • It weighs just 276g (9.74oz) and has a foldable design for easy storage. It has a fast, stable flight.
  • 5.62 * 3.46 * 2.16 inch folded dimensions, 11.02 * 8.26 * 2.16 inch open dimensions
  • A flight distance of up to 900 meters is possible. The FPV has a range of up to 500 meters.
  • 4K recording on your phone. photo and video resolution on a 2.5K memory card.
  • 2.4Ghz controller for interference-free flying.
  • Among other features, it has voice control and image tracking features.
  • It has a 2000 mAh battery with a flight time of 20 to 22 minutes and a maximum of 44 minutes. The battery charging time is 6 hours.

Holy Stone HS360 Design

Weighing only 0.6 pounds and measuring a mere 11.02*8.26*2.16 inches, the Holy Stone HS360 is a sleek, compact drone with a gentle touch. The slim, aesthetic design is one of the smoothest on the market. It’s not too thin, but it’s definitely not bulky, so it’s easy to carry around. Take it to school, on a picnic, or just show it off at home—this drone can go anywhere with you!

I originally started reviewing it because of its design and user enthusiasm. I want to say for sure that its latest design will attract you too.

Holy Stone HS360 Camera Quality

The HS360 drone has an excellent camera. It has a 5GHz FPV transmission system, a feature of stable and stunning UHD resolution. Its 118° FOV wide-angle and 80° adjustable 2.5K EIS camera give you a more detailed, clear view. The drone has fun features like the Gesture Selfie function. You can also take group photos, which are simple and easy to take.

I was amazed at the quality of the photos and videos of the HS360 drone. You may like it. You will not be deceived, but enjoy the clear view from the sky with it.

Holy Stone HS360 Ease of Use

The Holy Stone HS360 drone is designed to be equally useful for beginners and adults alike. The drone has a height hold mode that allows for hands-free hovering and a key start/stop button so you can control the drone without having to learn to fly. Also, returning to the home function means your drone is safe. It serves as a safety feature for any drone pilot. Because of this, the drone will be more fun for you to fly.

The drone flew stable enough. which is rarely seen in other models of the Holy Stone. And GPS mode is an excellent feature. Its return home button is very effective.

Holy Stone HS360 Flight Time

The Holy Stone HS360 is a mid-range drone with intelligent flight features and is easy to use for a fun flying experience. 22 minutes of flight time per charge is provided by the two included intelligent batteries. The HS360 also comes equipped with an emergency parachute that can be deployed to bring your drone back down if it should lose power or fly out of control. With the built-in GPS system, you can always get accurate location information on your drone, as well as easily return to it.

Why Not Go with Other Brands?

Holy Stone Brands is a company that’s dedicated to making the most innovative and exciting RC drones. Their most recent model, the HS360, is comparable to DJI Mavic mini-drones but with an affordable price and easy customer service. They constantly strive to make drone flying easy, fun, and safe for everyone!

Holy Stone HS360 Review: Conclusion

Holy Stone HS360 makes an excellent upgrade if you’re looking for a drone that provides excellent battery life. The only drawback is the short battery life, which is merely adequate. That said, it’s one of the best drones you can buy – with enough battery life to make it through an average day. If you’re looking for a drone with outstanding battery life, then the Holy Stone other drones might be right for you. It also includes an elegant design, a fantastic camera.

But I think with two batteries, your flight time needs will be met. And it’s actually an awesome drone. Nice to see. The performance is great. You can go with it. Order online and get it at home. Have a good time with the drone.


Will the drone last long?

Yes, this is a great drone from a trusted brand. made with advanced materials.

What is its performance value?

It is an affordable price for excellent flight performance. You will fly it without any worry.

What is its price?

It is a reasonable drone for less than $250. It can be said to be cheaper than other drones on the market.

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