Best Holy Stone HS720e Review and Buying Guide for You

[Summary: Holly Stone HS720e Drone – This is a nice performer buyer-loving device. It comes with a simplification guidebook – How to fly easy- perfect for creative aerial photo and video shooting- It is possible to do different inspection work with it. Its brushless motor and EIS technology will give you the next level of fun using the drone.]

Are you looking for the super drone Holy Stone HS720e Review in the market? Then you have come to the right place to know the pros and cons of the upgraded HS720e premium 4k ESI drone.

These days I see a lot of people enjoying this well-made HS720e 4k EIS drone. The last time my friend bought it we flew it across the sea. Seeing the interest of many, I am sharing this review at the end of my experience and 52 hours of recharge.

Classical brand Holy Stone has brought Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to its 4K drone in the cheap price range with a lot of anticipation. With stable imaging capacity, it comes at a fun and affordable price with advanced features.

The HS720e fun camera drone, suitable for beginners and adults pilots, comes with an outdoor carrying case. In the middle of the visually pleasing black color case, there is space for the drone and other parts according to the size.

The Best Holy Stone HS720e Review in 2021


  • Holy Stone Brand
  • HS720E Model Name
  • 495 g/17.46 oz Item Weight
  • Remote Control Type
  • 4K HD Video Capture Resolution
  • Yes, Are Batteries Included
  • 999 Meters Maximum Range
  • 2800 Milliamp Hours Battery Capacity
  • Lithium Polymer Battery Cell Composition

Are you looking for an advanced feature drone with GPS at an affordable price range? If so, Holy Stone HS720e 4k GPS EIS drone review is important for you.

Excellent drone hs720e received a 4.4-star rating in Amazon, comes with a slim look, and weighs 17.46 OZ. It is an advantage in traveling as folding is possible. The unfolding size of the drone is 13.3 * 9.5 * 2.3 inches in hard and smooth plastic body dimensions.

The Holy Stone HS720e brings significant optical flow and air pressure height control systems. It allows your drone to float in the air and rotate in and out. It makes it easier for the drone to fly and be safe. And also gives the freedom to altitude hold technology the expected footage.

The HS720E 4K EIS drone comes with a remote controller with a digital display. It shows you the level of battery and controller with GPS signal during the flight. It is capable of 5GHz FPV transmission and allows ultra-clear photography from 90-degree adjustable angles.

It is one of the leading drones in the market for under $350. Bringing advanced functions, it is useful for beginner drone pilots and perfect for entertaining adult users.

This Powerful Professional GPS Drone hs720e comes with a 128 GB microSD memory card supported slot, but you have to buy the card in itself depending on the quality.

hs720e 4K EIS Anti-Shake Camera with Sony Sensor An Easy GPS Quadcopter. With strong flight time, it is a cheap and affordable budget drone in the comparative market. Now let’s know the features and build details of the GPS camera drone Holy Stone HS720e.

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Design 

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Design 

The Holy Stone HS720e drone comes in a smooth look with an aluminum frame advanced ABS plastic body compact design.177 * 104 * 58 mm Quadcopter in the folded condition is quite attractive.

Travel-friendly drone hs720e is tough and beautiful, but if you are careful not to put extra pressure on it, the possibility of long-lasting will increase.

Its front-facing camera looks like a big fish’s eye, there’s an Impression of creativity, and it seems consumer-friendly.

The hs720 4K EIS drone uses Sony Sensor with an anti-shake camera. And its soundless advance brushless motor is attached. And with many more beautiful features, the drone comes with easy-to-use capabilities.

Holy Stone HS720e Review: 4K EIS Camera

Holy Stone HS720e Review 4K EIS Camera

The hs720e drone with 4K EIS Anti-Shake Camera with Sony Sensor gets Advantis in Photography. And EIS has highlights on the camera by Holy Stone Company.

You will understand, Unlike their other drone cameras, including the HS720, it has received promotional and marketed premium quality.

It reckoned the best camera drone in the market at an affordable price range for its Electric Image Stabilization (EIS) technology.

And with this facility, its vibrationless 4k video footage has definite. It can hold real 4k UHD smooth and clear footage from up to 500 feet.

The Sony image sensor of the Holy Stone HS720e drone adds another dimension to the advanced technology image quality. From a distance of 1000 feet, it will give you a super-clear of the professional image quality. Comes with 90-degree adjustable angle features for independent photography.

Holy Stone HS720e drone camera review and other drone cameras on the market have shown that the HS720e is the best for its 4k EIS, affordable budget range with Sony Sensor.

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Batteries & Flight Performance

The flight feature of an excellent drone comes to the fore. From beginner users to expert pilots, everyone focused on this.

The excellent drone Holy Stone HS720e gives flight time with two batteries. A battery lasts 22 to 23 minutes and takes time 5 hours to charge. With two batteries, it flies in the sky for a maximum of 46 minutes of flight time.

The drone comes with moderate air resistance for beginner to adult pilots. In this case, the drone flight capacity may be more or less. But wind resistance supports quality image capture.

The flight time of Holy Stone HS720e is ahead of many expensive drones. The best 4k EIS camera and better flight time have taken the hs720 drone to another level.

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Follow Me

 “Follow me” is an amazing feature of advanced drones. Like other professional drones, the Holy Stone HS720e has a fun “follow me” feature, bringing another dimension to drone use. 

It is an excellent feature for capturing selfie photos and videos that drone pilots enjoy. By activating this feature, you can follow the drone on a bicycle, car, or walk.

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Auto Return Home

Auto Return Home This is another excellent addition to the drones. Adults Camera Drone Holy Stone HS720e feature has become more consumer-friendly. 

The drone loses for any reason, including low battery charge, mechanical faults, or pilot error while flying in the sky. It is possible to return the quadcopter without crashing with a single tap on the Auto Return Home button. 

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Point of Interest

Point of Interest is a super addition to the HS720e drone. Its feature, the drone turns to look at a certain point. It is a feature needed to express your creativity.

It allows you to capture your desired image or video footage perfectly. Enjoy it as a beginner drone pilot.

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Tap Fly

Functional features TAP FLY drones are easy to use for any pilot. The Holy Stone HS720e feature allows activation. For this, if you draw a path on the mobile app screen, the drone will fly in the sky the way shown.

Holy Stone HS720 vs Holy Stone HS720e: What’s the update

Drone pilots are interested in relevant updates on Holy Stone HS720 and Holy Stone HS720e. The HS720 is already popular in the market, and in that sense, the HS720e is also gaining a lot of interest in the social drone group.

The HS720 comes with a flight time of 26 minutes. The HS720e is actually stronger with 23 minutes. And its most significant update is Electric Image Stabilization. Users are enjoying it. This photo and video footage’s ultra-clear quality is of interest to everyone.

Although the budget of HS720e is a bit higher than that of HS720, it is ok considering the quality. Affordable budget range under $350.

Holy Stone HS720e Review: What’s in the box

You will first see the Nice drone in the box of Holy Stone HS720E. There are two batteries and a digital display remote controller in the box. You will get a small but important screwdriver and 4 Extra Propellers. You will see the Charger Hub with a USB Charger Cable. In the end, you will get the Instruction Manual and a mini travel case.

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Pros

Its compact design, brushless motor- fun to use
EIS Anti-Shake Excellent Camera- Good for photography
remote has a display screen- an advantage in monitoring
Prices under $350- Affordable for beginners
26 minutes maximum flight time- Great for price comparison
4K video quality- the convenience of use in the work of inspection
Advanced plastic material body- does not deteriorate quickly
There are enough safety features- such as a GPS & return home facility

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Cons

Weight above 250g- must be registered

Holy Stone HS720e Review: Conclusion

At the end of the Holly Stone HS720e review, it is safe to say that it is an affordable drone search for beginner photographers, YouTubers, or short filmmakers. You have to spend more money to buy a drone with this camera quality in the market. Advanced drone pilots can use it as their second drone without hesitation. The price range is considered to be OK with the superior image quality.

If you know how to fly drones, then the Hs720e drone would be good for you. It should not be taken as a beginner drone user. Out of $100, you will find simple average drones that will not hit you if you go after a tree or a pond.

You can see the previous version of the Holly Stone HS720 to know the Hs720e drone, how popular it is, and how well it is performing. Meanwhile, Holly Stone has updated the camera, performance, and features of the HS720e. By all accounts, this could be your next best camera drone. With that, you can see two more drones at affordable prices- DEERC DE22 Drone Review/ SYMA X500 4k Drone Review.


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