How Much Weight Can a Delivery Drone Carry- Advice for you

We live in the future. Virtual meetings and deliveries will continue to rise in popularity. The thought of a drone delivering goods or services to your home is something that could easily become a reality very soon. But like many things, drones also have their limitations. Here’s some good advice on what a delivery drone can and can’t do.

Are you thinking of delivering goods by drone? Interested in knowing how much weight a delivery drone can lift? You have come to the right place to get an idea about this.

If you want to deliver with a consumer drone at an early stage, know that this type of good drone can deliver up to a maximum of 0.2-1.8 kg. However, a professionally built delivery drone can deliver products up to a maximum of 180-190 kg. Now Amazon’s built drones are delivering products up to 2.25 kg in 25-30 minutes.

There are not many delivery drones available in the market. Some drone companies today are able to make delivery drones. In that event, you can make a delivery drone of your desired weight. Let’s know more details.

How Much Weight Can a Delivery Drone Carry Nowadays?

To deliver products, companies are using delivery drones. It is why these drones are so essential for carrying weight. Typically a delivery drone’s payload ranges from 2 kg to about 50 kg. The E-commerce company is regularly using drones to reduce delivery problems. And since e-commerce companies are selling many heavy products, drone companies are regularly working to increase the Drone’s weight lifting capacities. But 50 kg delivering drones is very rare. They are still under observation to come into the products delivery sector.

Not all drones are used to deliver all products. For example, heavy products need powerful drones to deliver, and lighter items need less powerful devices to complete drone delivery operations. So here, I divide delivery drones into two categories based on their weight lifting capacity.

LightWeight Delivery Drones

Most of the products that you can buy from e-commerce companies weigh around 2 kg to 50 kg. So, they can deliver these products by Drone. Small-sized drones are used to deliver products weighing 2 kg to 5 kg. As their weight is low, these drones can fly for a long time. With that, these drones can move quite fast. Drones that deliver lighter-weight products are low priced.

Heavy Weight Delivery Drones

To carry extra weight, a powerful drone is a must. These drones have very powerful motors and many high-quality building materials. These powerful motors need powerful batteries. With such delivery drones, you can carry a weight of 10 kg to 35 kg. However, their flight time is less. Sometimes their speed is high, and sometimes their speed may be less. Heavy drones need higher maintenance costs. Even if you want to buy them, you need a lot of money.

Drones That Can Carry 200 lbs

A prosumer drone that is specially built for taking heavy payload weight is perfect for product delivery. As I said, the heaviest weight a drone can lift is 200 lbs. But which one can take this? The name of that drone is a dauntless UAV. This drone’s weight is around 77 lbs, and it can lift another 100 lbs. A few years back, the producer of this company attracted the world’s eye by making a new technology drone. The name of this company is mobile recon systems. It is the heaviest load-taking drone ever built. It is the maximum payload capacity. But one Chinese company is now thinking of making more powerful drones for lift requirements.

Drones That Can Carry 200 lbs

5kg Payload Drone

Different brands make 5 kg payload delivery drones. These drones are most effective in commercial deliveries. There are some standard features in their drones which I am presenting to you now. However, these issues will not be the same in all cases.

Flight Time

The flight time duration of drones carrying 5 kg weight may be less. Flight time depends on how much weight it carries. Such drones sometimes carry less weight. Then its flight time increases. However, the flight time of these drones is usually around 40 to 55 minutes. Drone delivery companies are using massive flight range drones to complete drone operations effectively.

Battery Capacity

Battery life is essential for an electric delivery drone. As long as these drones can fly, their battery life is just as long. It means that the flight time of these drones is determined based on the battery life. Usually, a delivery drone carrying a weight of 5 kg uses a battery of 25000 mAh to 30000 mAh.


Different models have different designs of drones. However, drones carrying a weight of 5 kg usually have a larger size than average drones and also have a more significant number of motors. These are usually quadcopters and hexacopter drones. However, sometimes it is a fixed-wing.


Since the flight time is fixed, how far a drone can travel in the same flight time. The average speed of a drone weighing 5 kg is 60 to 80 KPH. But sometimes, the air pressure may change it. However, when it moves with any weight, its speed decreases a bit. However, this is not true of all drones. Some drones are more expert about speed.

Drones That Can Carry 1 Pound

Drones that carry 1 pound or less are usually hobby drones or camera drones. These drones are the most common in the market. But not as a delivery drone. There are drones of different organizations in the market that can lift weights up to 1 pound. I will now try to tell you about the features of these drones and why they are unique.


Drones that can lift 1 pound or less are usually photography drones. That is, they are used for taking photos and videos. These drones are also used for farm surveillance and roof inspection. Sometimes small children use these as toys in their hobbies.

Flight Time

These drones can increase flight periods, but they are not built to be as powerful. Since they have low weight capacity, their battery size has to be kept small. As a result, these drones cannot fly very long. The flight time of these drones is 25 to 30 minutes. Usually, these drones need four motors. However, they are not very powerful, and these drones can run on very little energy.


These drones don’t have very high technology. As a result, it is challenging to do risky work with them, and it isn’t easy to control them from a distance. However, the specially made for delivery drones are much more quality than others, and they cost a little more.

Drones That Can Carry 20 lbs

Drones weighing up to 20 lbs are very powerful. These drones use powerful motors as well as quite powerful batteries. Although they cannot fly very long, their speed is very high. At the same time, it is a little bit challenging to control them. Carrying drones weighing 20 lbs, the drones have their standard configuration and some unique features. Let’s find out now.

Flight Time

The battery life of a consumer drone that is carrying 20 lbs must be good because this heavy-lifting drone has to depend on electric power. But which Drone will fly for how long depends on the product quality. Some drones are capable of giving a flight time of about 120 to 150 minutes. However, the lower the weight, the longer the flight time of these drones.


The building materials of these drones are quite strong. They also have some unique features. Such as product hanging hooks for delivery drones. Pesticide box for agriculture. You can use them for other purposes if you want. If they were built with low-quality materials, then they would break into parts in the air.


If you want to buy these drones, you have to spend from 20k to 50k US dollars. But the cost price does not matter when you will get some good service from the Drone. When the price is high, those drones use suitable quality building materials, motors, and batteries.


How many motors will be used in a drone depending on the design of the Drone? However, drones carrying a weight of 20 lbs usually use a little more motor, and their capacity is much higher.

Which Drone Can Lift Heavy Weight?

There are so many drones that can lift heavyweights. But some UAVs can lift more weight than others. The features of a weight lifting drone are a powerful motor, long-duty battery, strongly built materials, and many more. The heavy-lifting drone features are given here.

Powerful Battery

Lifting weight is a mighty task, and it needs more energy. The motors used in these commercial drones are very power-consuming. To make the flight time long, these uncrewed aerial vehicles need a strong battery. The delivery drones are mostly prosumer drones which are very power consuming. To back up that power, the larger capacity battery should be in that professional device. So, this is one of the most powerful features of this type of Drone to make the drone delivery technology more effective.

Powerful Motors

Professional drones/ heavy-lifting drones companies are always concerned about increasing flight time. To do that, they need to increase the flight batteries. But the main problem behind that is power-consuming propellers. These propellers need an extra battery. So if the Drone has a powerful battery and some powerful motors, then that will be a heavy-duty drone.

Heavy Materials

Suppose the drone company uses lightweight materials to build their Drone like an average drone. In that case, that will not fit commercial drone delivery services because these lightweight materials will not be able to lift heavyweights. So, to build one delivery drone to deliver weighty products, the company needs to build drones with heavy materials.

How Much Weight Can a Delivery Drone Carry: Conclusion 

This blog post shows the weight limits of different drones and how much weight they can carry. Although drones have been used for some time, they have recently become a popular tool for delivery. Amazon has made huge strides in developing its drone program, which has been in development for more than five years. In addition to their business, other companies have begun to develop and test a variety of services. This blog post will look at the weight limit and how much weight different drones can carry.


How much weight can a military drone carry?

A military drone can lift an impressive load. They are heavy-lift drones. So you might understand how capable they are. The maximum weight it can lift depends on its capacity. It can even lift 32,000 pounds and even more.

How much weight can a small drone carry?

Small drones are mainly photography drones. These drones can not lift heavy items. They are like beginner drones. They can only carry the camera, its battery and some more like these. They are not for weight lifting.

How much weight can a hobby drone carry?

Hobby drone is not like consumer drone. The motor power of these drones is meager. So they can not lift extra weight. The lift capacity of these drones is confined to the camera only.

Can drones carry missiles?

Yes, drones can carry missiles, but not all drones. Only military drones can carry missiles. But you might know that missiles are not a matter of public opinion. It is entirely under the government. So you need to think about it if you are a civil person.

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