How to Trim a Drone- Tips and Tricks

How to trim a drone of the most asked question about it. People ask it because controlling the aerial video and photos capturing device is not easy. The remote of a drone aided piloting features to drive it the entire time.

Here we are going to solve the problem of trimming the drone. This is one of the basic controls but it is not simple to do. Without proper trimming, your video clips will not be perfect as a result video files will lose quality. So, let’s start learning how to trim a drone.

What is trimming mode in drone:

What is Trimming Mode in Drone

The mode that makes the drone move to different sides is called trimming mode. This prevents sudden movement of the drone in mid-flight. A balanced flight is a must to ensure the best quality video clips.  Moving it to different sides is a vital part of drone flying.

This also ensures the balanced flight of a drone.  There are two trim controllers on the control pad. One is trim buttons and another is a trim stick. People use the right stick for trimming from time to time. But the trim buttons are best to make a stable hover of the advanced drones.

You can make 4 channels of control like roll trim, pitch trim, yaw trim, and throttle trim using the trim setting of these buttons. You can also trim your drone clockwise and counterclockwise. This is another trimming mode.

How do you trim a drone:

How Do You Trim a Drone

This is the main part of this article where we will learn how to trim a drone in 2022. The left stick and right stick are the two main controllers of the controller pad. The left stick is rudder control. This will keep the drone in flight mode but the right stick serves the main job of trimming. But the trim button adds a smart flying feature. In the following section, I add different trimming systems and how to trim them in that way. So, let’s start.

Pitch Trimming:

Pitch trimming or pitch control is the formal name of forwarding and backward trimming. You will get this name in the user manual. If you are a beginner pilot of a drone and trying to control it using a radio transmitter remote then you will find some buttons under the control sticks.

The buttons under the left stick are not trimmer. The buttons under the right stick are the main trim controller.  You will find a button that is vertically placed. If you press that pitch trimmer button upward then the individual motor will get more power. As a result, the drone will drift forward from its headless mode.

On the other hand, if you press that button downward then the drone will drift backward. It has a neutral position. The flight control board or display will show the trimmer position or pitch control status to the drone pilot. The trim adjustment should be perfect for a comfortable hover.

Roll Trimming:

Again there are two more sides when your drone is in headless mode. From that headless mode, you can move it in any direction. The roll trimming is another formal name. This name refers to the left and right drifting of drones.

This is one of the main features of a 3-axis drone.  If you want to keep the drone flight from the original position to upward then you have to keep the roll trim button in the neutral position. But to move it to the left then press the horizontal trimming button to the left side.

In the same way press to the right side to drive it to the right side. The trim analysis report will be visible on the quadcopter control display. The trim buttons are better than the basic stick controls.

Yaw Trimming:

Under the left control stick, you will find another horizontal button like the roll trim button. People call them the Yaw trim button. This is another part of the auto trim function. This makes the adjustment trim easier. Now you might be thinking that the basic directions are done then what is the yaw trim button?

Actually, Yaw control is another member of trim analysis. In this option, you can rotate the drone in a circle pattern. This is important for the auto-hover function and panning shot taking. If you press the button under the left stick to the right side then the drone will rotate in the anti-clockwise position.

But if you press that to the left side from the neutral position then it will rotate in the clockwise direction from the original position. It will continue the circular movement until you bring it to the neutral position.

How do you use a drone controller:

How Do You Use a Drone Controller

I use the drone controller like a pro user. My controlling process is not very unique but it has some specialties. Here I am going to reveal to you my use process.

Step 1: I add batteries to my controller and drone. This provides power to all the motors. I usually avoid cheap batteries for the best service from my drone and controller.

Step 2: Take all my instruments to a safe space. I choose a safe space for the better take-off of my drone.

Step 3: On the power switch of the controller and drone to start. To check the connection, you can press the left stick once.

Step 4: Place it in the original position. Fixed the antennas on the transmitter to the drone. I love the 4-channel transmitter. That impressed me a lot.

Step 5: Start doing the regular process to control the drone according to my need. You can also do this according to your situation.

Now I want to share some basic drone tips with you. If you are planning for a long video shoot then keep the extra battery & charger with you. This will backup your device. Try to use brushless motors if you have any chance of selecting them.

They consume less power but the result is better than others. Most drones have beginner mode. If you are just learning then you can turn on beginner mode for easy control. Most of the box models have this feature.

How can I reduce the weight of my drone:

Weight is one of the barriers to drone flying performance. If you want to increase your device service time and better support you then you can reduce its weight. Here are some tips for making the drone lighter. 

  • Remove the Prop Guards: If you are an experienced pilot then you can remove the prop guards. These guards protect the blades from breaking but they also increase the drone’s weight. Though no one expects broken blades in his drone and these broken blades will not serve properly but you can remove them if you are experienced.
  • Remove the Camera: If you are using the drone for any other need than taking videos then you can remove the camera from it. The camera weight is almost unbearable for the drone. It troubles the flight of the drone. 
  • Use Carbon Fiber Blades: The carbon fiber blades are best for the easy and first release of air. These blades are very lightweight. If you use these blades in your drone then it will be lighter than before.
  • Remove Stickers: Some stickers make the drone beautiful and some bear the company identity. Your drone may also have some stickers. You can remove them to make them lighter.


What do trim buttons do on a drone?

The trim buttons help the drone pilot to move it in different directions. The trim button under the left stick helps the pilot to rotate it at different angles.

What are trim buttons?

The trim buttons are the buttons on the drone control panel that control its movement to different sides. They are very helpful buttons for pilots.

How do you master drone fly?

Only practice can help one to master anything. You also can be a drone flying master if you do it regularly and follow different tutorials.

How to calibrate a drone?

Drone calibration is a very vital part of maintenance. The drone calibration is important because it removes any problem from the drone. You have to calibrate it every time you upgrade it.

How to reset trim on drone?

You can manually reset the trim of the drone. To do that, you need to bring all the buttons to a neutral position.


The trimming option is only available in cheaper drones or cheaper toy drones. The cheaper models need manual control and experienced drone pilot. But the advanced model drones have smart flying features. It follows trajectory control in the flight pattern or flight modes.

That was all in this article about drones. Now you know how to trim a drone in 2022 and other beginner drone guides. After practicing these controls regularly, you will be able to make flights in a tight space and the attitude mode will be easy for you.

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