The Hubsan Zino Drone Reviews: Complete Standard Version (Zino Pro Plus + Zino 2 Plus)

Are you looking for the latest versions of the Hubsan Zino drone Review? If you still don’t know, then let me announce that Hubsan has upgraded their Hubsan Zino pro drone to Zino pro plus version and Zino 2 drone into Zino 2 plus version. For this reason, most of the consumers were asking for a Hubsan zino pro drone review.

Now in the local area, most drones are like DJI Mavic pro Or Mavic version type robot. Most of the time, these devices cost too much for beginners. So you can Say Hubsan is referring to an affordable price range for everyone with quite the same features as others. 

Besides for semi-professional workload, these drones are excellent. The impressive part is the pricing of the older version, and the latest one is quite the same so that you can somewhat enjoy the new features without any additional cost for these.

Hubsan is becoming a rising brand in the drone community, which is definitely a good thing. It has been around for a couple of years but has recently started to expand rapidly and become quite well known. They have been getting some positive reception online as well as getting consistently good reviews on flying time, length, and distance.

Please note that the Hubsan Zino Pro Plus and Zino 2 Plus quadcopter drones do not have obstacle avoidance. But don’t worry, it has wind resistance features that help it hold its position in any wind situation.

By reading the whole review, you will get to know more about their upgrading versions. And also, Get a clear idea between Hubsan zino pro plus vs. zino two-plus. So keep reading till the end and get your favorite version of Hubsan zino pro drones review.

Hubsan Zino Pro Plus Review

Hubsan Zino pro plus review


  • Foldable drone
  • Very smooth design.
  • High-quality HD camera 
  • Support the long trip
  • Low light performance 
  • Custom the route 
  • Automatic takeoff system 
  • Strong wind resistance
  • Has failsafe mode
  • Maximum flight time 
  • Having Intelligent charger
  • Able to track fast-moving subjects 
  • Better dynamic range


  • Strong wind may affect flights 
  • Heavy cloud wet Gimbal 
  • Picture or video loss 

Product specs: 

  • Sony ⅓ inch CMOS sensor
  • 4k@30fps video footage
  • 4k HD camera
  • 3 Axis GIMBAL Camera 
  • 8km FPV distance 
  • Maximum wind speed 16 m/s
  • Battery support 5000mAh
  • JPEG picture format 
  • 39 Minutes Flight Time
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Panoramic photo
  • Automatic Home Return

Hubsan Zino pro plus: Camera review

The most attractive feature of the Hubsan Zino pro plus is its 4K HD camera. In comparison, the Hubsan zino didn’t have any 4k camera before. Its Sony ⅓ inch CMOS sensor can gather more information of pixels in different dynamic angles for you. Moreover, it is available to provide 30fps video footage with a short memory backup. 

Besides, this camera has a 3-Axis gimbal stabilizer. The unique part is capturing around 8km tuned with stunning images and video for its 4K FPV real-time transmission. Moreover, it can capture in single-to-noise ratio and low-light Performance.

The Hubsan Zino pro camera can provide a max bit rate of between 60 Mbps resolution. So to build up your skill in different technical photography, these drone cameras are entirely suitable for all.

Hubsan Zino pro plus Camera review

Hubsan Zino pro plus review: Build & Performance 

Zino pro plus is the most stylish-looking drone I have ever talked about. You will love its attractive feature and the foldable design with ash-gray color. It can give a stylish kick to your working experience through working with these drones. 

The upgrading version has enormous new demands of features and its usability. Its build-it Performance will give you professional creation in your work. At this smaller price range, we must want to say Hubsan will be best forever. Now let’s see the qualities that make this version different from others.

Flight Performance: It is better when your drone can capture more in a shorter time duration. It mainly depends on the flight performance. It can take stunning pictures and videos from the sky.

In this fact, Hubsan drones are equally qualified. These drones come with unique controlling features; it becomes more valuable to flight the drone. It’s soundless flying and able to low-light night flight is superb to work at night also.

Flight Time: Hubsan Zino pro plus has GPS GNSS support for flight timing. Besides, it can provide a maximum of 23 minutes of overall flight timing and 23 minutes of hovering time. Fighting is the must-have feature for every full-quality drone, and it’s better to give longer flight times. In the pro plus version, you will also get 37 mph maximum horizontal flight speed.

Controller: This app will control with a remote and its 5000mAh capacity battery. In Zino pro plus, there is no option like app control which is present in Zino 2-plus. But for beginners, the controller will work like a pro for sure.

Battery Life: Zino pro plus 3-hour charging can give you a max of 29 minutes of using effects. Which means it has a battery adjusted with the packaging. As its GPS tracking is connected, you will be able to cover a vast area in this shorter time in a one-time battery charge. Its new flight controller will signal when your battery gets low, and then you should bring back your drone.

Foldable: All of the New version of Hubsan zino has a foldable feature. It’s essential when traveling. Because when you are a traveler, it gets easier to carry a drone that can easily fold and be a compact size. These mini-size drones are also lightweight and helpful for travelers or to carry in your workplace.

Flight mode: This drone has given us different flying modes. You can control it in line fly mode, orbit mode, headless mode, and way paths to save your flight mode, which helps capture images duration. It has a max transmission of 8km, so these drones are available to provide enough flexibility.

As a final word, we can say the Hubsan pro plus version has some better upbringing than its last version. So it’s definitely a worthy product to buy for everyone.


If you want to upgrade further base stock Hubsan package, you can Choose the Hubsan Zino pro plus FPV drone. The drone is one of the best devices on the market at a reasonable price with extraordinary features. This robot is perfect for air shooting. Also, the Zino pro plus contains a considerable value for you.


What is the best Hubsan Zino drone?

The best drone on the market right now is the Hubsan Zino pro plus drone.  Especially from the point of view of specs.  Its camera is remarkably impressive with a ⅓ inch CMOS  sensor.  Another reason it is the best is that it can pack many megapixels that can take low light footage.

What’s the difference between the Zino pro and Zino Pro plus?

The two products are similar and some and some different versions. They offer a fantastic opportunity in the drone world. Zino pro and Zino pro plus both offer 4k cameras and 3 axis gamble. Both have the same image quality with a simple system of mounting ND filters on the cameras.
Regarding battery life, the Hubsan Zino Pro Plus flies for 43 minutes on a regular flight, and the Zino Pro can fly up to 23 minutes.

Does the Hubsan Zino Pro plus have sensors?

The Hubsan Zino Pro Plus has an image sensor from sony. And it also has an advanced video processing system on a chip from Ambarella. It is an expert-level camera that will allow you to do some fantastic aerial recording and take pictures.

Hubsan Zino 2 Plus Review  

Hubsan Zino 2 plus review  


  • Has default forward position
  • Control via app control in smartphone
  • Give better night pictures
  • Provide stable shooting and sharp images
  • Can give wide-angle pictures
  • Has several moods on photography
  • Give easy controller with the drone
  • Has complete beginner guideline with drone
  • Compact size and design is travel-friendly


  • This drone’s reliability is not good, though.
  • There are no warranty claims.

Product specs

  • 4k HD video                                                  
  • GPS+GLONASS positioning
  • 3-axis gimbal camera
  • Max 35 min of flight time
  • 3800mAh battery included
  • L216.5*W129.0*H94.9mm (Folded) drone dimension
  • Level 6 Wind Resistance
  • 3350 mAh built-in battery 
  • 110 minutes charging time
  • Sony 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor
  • Ambarella A12S chip
  • 9KM MAx flight distance

Hubsan Zino 2 plus: Camera review

Hubsan Zino 2 plus Camera review

If you are looking for the best drone for beginners? Well, Hubsan Zino 2 plus is great for beginners or those looking for a semi-professional drone category at a limited price range, this Hubsan Zino 2 plus FPV drone can be a better option. Its 4K video recording and 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer can make your image quality even better.

Do you need to show the best picture or video that was taken? Yes, The Zino 2 plus camera provides you 60fps video with a maximum 100 Mbps bit rate. Besides, the gimbal stabilization feature can provide high stability in your images and sharp photos when you are shooting with the drone camera. 

The Zino 2 plus is The most impressive and noticeable feature of its night shooting mood. Who loves to take images and photoshoots at night time can easily take this drone for the camera. In low light, the camera will still provide better night photo quality. you have collected for yourself a great choice able camera drone.

Hubsan Zino 2 plus review: Build & Performance

In short, nothing is better than a foldable, quality full image providing and featured with suitable flight mode drones for enthusiasts. Besides, if the drone also comes around your budget, it will be a super celebrating moment. 

Hubsan Zino 2 plus is that kind of drone that wants to record some good memories in such unique ways. In every Hubsan Zino drone review, the most crucial thing will be its built-in Performance. Here are some features that are reliable for this drone and its overall performance. 

Flight mode of the drone: In every drone, one most important fact is the drone’s flight mode.70% of a drone’s quality will depend on its several flight modes. Let me tell you max flight modes are wind resistance proof, and these work well in high GPS excess areas. You can get a better view and have a longer flight time through these flight modes.

Flight Time: In-flight timing, Hubsan zino pro 2 plus gives a longer time to fly your drone. Its maximum flight timing is 35 mins, and its hovering in windlessness will be around 33 mins. Besides, in pro 2 plus, its max horizontal speed will be 12m/s in normal mode. Its 3800 mAh battery can cover a maximum 9 KM flight distance in one time flight.

Battery life: Every Hubsan Zino pro drone comes with a maximum 3800-36500 mph battery. If we talk about the battery life, one-time complete charging can give at most 2H flight time. With 30% of battery storage, you can fly around 25minute easily. In addition, Hubsan can provide more extended flight modes. It’s a great feature of all.

Controlling feature: For beginners, the app controlling system of this drone will be super fun. Besides, they have included headless mode with these mini-drones to handle any situation better. After two or three terms of use, you can be a pro to controlling these drones. Besides, the transmission range of this drone is better for controlling and making panoramic videos with it.

Better flying experience: As we can see, the Hubsan is a kind of simple and more minor dupe of Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, DJI Mavic, Mavic Pro Killer drone. This drone can handle both android and IOS versions through the app controller.

It’s designed with vertical mode so that you can fly this drone at every angle. That’s why you can experience better flight time for these drones features.

In the previous version of HubSan zino-2, there were a lot of features missing and more other functions are also not available. But if you see the zino-2 plus it has some upgraded and new additional features as well. 


Are you ready for your next adventure in a remote control flight? The  Hubsan Zino 2 plus is a big deal for you. This drone is considered a beginner to intermediate level drone at an affordable price. It is of good quality, with actually pretty impressive features and extra long-lasting. If you want to upgrade to a Hubsan Zino 2 plus drone, it is a competitive price in the market, so I assure you it is the best drone for you.


What’s the difference between the Zino pro and Zino 2?

The two drones include a 3-axis balance-out camera with UHD video recording capabilities. Generally, a high frame and bit rate refer to the smooth film. Although the Zino 2’s camera permits recording 4K @ 60 fps video up to 100Mbps, the Zino Pro only records 4K @ 60 fps up to 60Mbps.

Is Hubsan a good brand?

Of course, Hubsan is a good band. It is one of the cheapest drone brands; they have some fantastic drones at affordable prices. They have recently entered the superior drone market with 4K camera drones like Hubsan Zino Pro and Hubsan Zino 2.

Does the Hubsan Zino 2 plus have obstacle avoidance?

No, this Hubsan model does not come with obstacle avoidance.

Hubsan Zino drone review: Final thoughts

A simple drone that gives a professional feeling to work with nothing can be better than this. Our youth is using devices to develop some excellent experience in image and views. The Hubsan Zino drone review can give you a perfect explanation of this.

For better engagement with the product, you can compare these brands before products to the newest one. It will help a lot to feature you the best one for your guidance.

Its design features, quality are entirely fantastic to take in travel or even your regular basis works. Besides, the pricing of these Hubsan Zino mini drones is comment-worthy. It’s affordable, and you can easily gift these items to anyone. You can check our other content on the list to discover more about these excellent drones.

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