Potensic D88 Review: Best Portable Drone With Camera For You

This Potensic D88 drone is an excellent FPV drone with a camera. With a 4K UHD camera and GPS positioning system, it’s a wonderful choice for drone fans looking for an incredible aerial photography experience. With the 11.4G remote controller, you can utilize the FPV function on the ground with your smartphone to take high-quality images or videos. Additional features include optical flow placement, a 40-minute flying time, a low-voltage alarm, and so on.

The Potensic D88 is a racing drone designed for drone pilots who are intermediate to advanced. As such, it has a host of features that may appeal to experienced pilots but may be overkill for beginners. This review will cover these features and why they’re useful for advanced drone fliers.

If you’re planning to get a well-known drone, Well, you might like the Potensic d88 folding drone for a low price, and it might be a terrific outdoor companion. When you need a solid, high-quality Potensic d88 for travel, hiking, blogging, or any other windy situation, the Potensic d88 is the way to go. It includes a 4K camera, which is excellent for a 110° wide-angle view, and the image quality is outstanding overall. 

At present, a great deal is good enough advanced features for the drone to take less time to shoot. Those realize the drone Potensic d88 review, and you are looking for your target steady. Its Rc quadcopter and powerful battery overall package should also serve beginners to advanced users.

The Potensic D88 drone’s impressive part is an upgraded version, and the latest one looks smart on another drone. Knowing overall about the drone features and test into the Potensic D88 drone review is slightly different from other market options. The higher quality drones are known to be more expensive drones. 

Potensic D88 Review: In-depth Details

You will receive a box if you purchase the Potensic D88 from Amazon. When you first open the box, you’ll notice a silver folding case that looks like a miniature briefcase. The folded-ready D88 drone will catch your eye as you open it. On two ports, you’ll find a battery charging folder. You will also receive the drone’s batteries as well as two free gifts of extra propellers. The box will also come with remote control, which will require two AAA batteries from the market. You’ll also receive a guidebook.

Potensic D88 Specs:

  • GPS Return Home
  • 2k full HD 5G WiFi camera
  • GPS Return Home
  • With an Altitude hold
  • With smart Controller 
  • Micro SD card with  more Storage 
  • 2 battery provides 40 minute flight time 
  • Have a four Brussels powerful Motor 
  • Clear and stable 2K camera Intelligent flight modes

It is an extremely stylish and Potensic d88 4k drone I have talked about to describe. The drone designs high-quality technology when it comes to aluminum material and building for Potensic manufacturing. The drone is quite flexible at a price range. It weighs 5.72 pounds, which is very lightweight. The packaging dimension is 15.31×11.89×4.61inches with easy folding capabilities.  

It is highly recommended that you search for professional photography also using any adult beginner. It provides a  foldable fuselage, easy to carry, and remote control for better-flying facilities. It gives an orbit flight mode that can start from the starting point that you want. An LED screen monitor shows flight performance, flight time, speed, and image quality. The cheap drone uses professionals or beginners for traveling and easily carrying their journey.   Its powerful camera and gimbal provide superior footage that can capture beautiful memories for a long time.  

Its ultra-built performance provides a foldable carry case design that can be carried and stored smartly before use. Its powerful Four 1350KV brushless motors are most efficient for a long-lasting flight experience.  It can have 31minitue flight performance and take aerial photos and videos.   

The GPS to auto return home helps when losing the signal. One button key somewhere will come back automatically. Including Follow me technology can connect your Mobile device easily Control the drone. 

Potensic D88 Review: Required Functions

Even to give this Potensic brand are an exciting result for regular travel purposes. They offer a nice mix of high-level features, quality build, and decent cameras that you can expect to see increasing slightly. So if you are ready for the next adventure, let’s take a look at the best before buying the drone.

Photos and Video: If you enjoy a wonderful moment with the drone, this drone helps collect superior footage. It has a built-in 4K camera with a 90-degree wide-angle lens collection of all side ultra-clear pictures and videos. Its 5G wifi camera with transmission 820ft -984ft makes you need actual time footage.

To make a 4k camera with a 110-degree wide-angle can adjust to continue 90-degree angle shoot around. When recording professionals shoot, a one-axis gimbal provides extra vibration cutback with a stable capture this time. The 4k HD (32G micro SD card) is a pretty quiet image with high-quality video stabilization and takes quality storage capacity. Shooting all the videos and photos creates an incredible memory in your life.

Controller: Beginners will love the Controller; that remote control looks simple pretty quickly changes to a drone path when flying in the sky. It is an intelligent design, makes good flight performance. The Controller longer flight time if not interrupted. Two batteries can support a 4920ft 1500 meters maximum flight distance. 

Its LCD provides all urgent information like battery, performance satellite lock, flight mode, and side distance when using the Controller. If you buy a drone with an intelligent controller, it gives you the most advantage in flight time, bringing an excellent experience. 

Flight Modes & App: You will need flight time with a better experience. The flight mode and app can help draw routes correctly. Its optical flow makes flight a safer and more stable signal; it can shoot less time. With the combination of optical flow, the drone hovers precisely; it gives better performance. It has an intelligent modular battery to ensure safe charging and your control will be visible and detailed flight together properly. 

The flight mode and app are easy to use when drone flying.it also somewhat will auto return home when loss of signal or battery is low. The mode transport sector is more stable anyone can use it. You get your unmistakable mission and it can come back automatically.

Battery Life: The drone provides more extended flight performance with its two modular batteries, which is the essential factor in its battery life. Each battery can continue stable flight time. They provide 16-20 minutes extra time to all. Also, These batteries have a high capacity of up to  3400mAh.It has an upgraded charger and loads first charging. Also, the drone battery can provide up to 32-40 minutes of flight performance at one time and better results in your working life. 

If you continue capturing the landscape at full charging time no matter, it is safe for extended charging. Including extra battery ensures and improves battery level stable flight performance. You will have four hours for two batteries at the same time to shoot enjoyable moments.

GPS: This foldable fuselage drone has GPS  intelligent return features That inside enables it to perform a lot of tricks. It’s a one-button return, Follow me” can return home when its battery is low. Ultimately  Potentstic 88 drone GPS brings all-time better performance. 

Follow Me: People will love the Potensic d88 drones follow me function. The fantastic technology of the follow-me part makes it easy to connect to your mobile.  Wherever you need, aerial photos can provide extra quality image stabilization. 

The function is more powerful and durable compared to other functions that all users experience. It always makes for a safe flight experience and collects outstanding pics flying in bad weather. It allows capturing background clicks as well.  

Headless Mode: Its strong orientation best performs for controlling flight. For Super long flights, it can change direction until the drone turns and so forth between sets. The mode can provide all side capture and response in one site manner. It is safe and easy to use for any level using the most important name of the Potensic d88 drones headless mode.

WiFi: 5G WiFi can provide real-time transmission and lets you enjoy an FPV  that arrives quickly. It helps Clear images and fluent live video professional high-resolution camera devices. Also, this 5G WIFI real-time transmission connects your mobile and other devices easily. It makes the 4k image or video you aerial shoot very stable and clear in the air.

Takeoff/Landing: One key takeoff has good features for the drone. You will just push off the button and start hovering quickly and easily land automatically. Control the function drone way and provide safer flight performance. It’s takeoff or retrieving the drone back down to land. This function uses adult beginners to have less of an idea about the drone.

Return To Home: To help with any conditions, auto return to home and the best feature for the drone. It made the drone come back home automatically. If its loss signal imbalance the drone can take off location with GPS features help bright return to home in a solid time.  It controls distance and makes freedom flight speed. 

Point Of Interest: Shooting time while the drone while flying continues, its building and location visited from the point of interest. It’s capturing time; click it on the map. It can Select and help make the map app and collect the best picture all around parentings, Ultra quality base images. Also, help record videos and share with social media. The function is easy to use without any hassle. 

Waypoint: Plan your flying route by drawing the dots on the built-in map on the App, recording beautiful scenery along the route at an accessible waypoint. The GPS mode will give you the exact positioning details of the drone. Honestly, it helps way path mark easy and command as well pretty good flight time.


  • It’s folded, and beautiful to look at Travel friendly
  • Its operating system is smooth- Beginner drone pilot-friendly
  • Standard flight time, two battery modular systems- 40-minute
  • Has enough advanced security features- Lasting for a long time
  • Smooth aerial photo and video footage quality- Useful in family programs
  • It has a quality match with price- Proper use of money


  • Sometimes the video looks blurry

Potensic D88: What’s it like to fly?

Beginner or advanced users love the Potensic d88 drone upgrade version. Its simple brick design competes with other drones. It always has fly performance for a long time but is smaller in stature. 

Its quality and full battery level give enjoyable flight time. Gps mode and experts for capturing 90degree angle photos make professional photography work. But you feel the drone has a slight downside, and experts said it is the best cheap with an aluminum carry case. 

Potensic D88 Review: Final Thoughts 

Potensic is a relatively new drone manufacturer compared to the likes of DJI and Parrot, so I wanted to share my impressions of their new D88 model with you. To give the Potensic D88 a full review, we took it out in a variety of different conditions to see how well it would handle in the wind and how it could handle aggressive flying. Check out our blog to learn more about why this is one drone you’ll want to add to your Christmas wish list.


Is Potensic D88 a good drone?

Yes, If you want a quality base drone, Potensic is great. It is a high-quality 4k HD camera drone. After all, Potensic d88 drones are really affordable with a price range. Its latest version is suitable for photography and making videos. So, everyone can use it and it is very enjoyable to fly.

Can Potensic drones fly in rain?

Though, Potensic drones are suitable for any windy weather. But is simply one of the things that a drone, when a pilot will have to deal with drone flight following windy conditions. Because drone material and parts are moisture damaged. So, can avoid flying drones if it even looks like during rainy fall.

Are Potensic drones any good?

Potensic is a designed drone brand. They have drones ranging from kids to beginners, photographers, and professionals. The DREAMER Pro is an advanced drone, the Potensic T25 has been popular in the market for a long time and the Potensic D88 means a rich drone. Most of the Potensic drones are well under $500.

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