The Potensic T25 Review: Beginner’s Drone for You

[Summary: Potensic T25- This is a gorgeous-looking double GPS drone, which weighs 1880 grams. Its battery system is modern modular. T25 can stand against the air, so the pilot gets smooth flight time. Its online sales and customer reviews are positive. Its travel-friendly aluminum folding carry box keeps drone gear safe, and you’ll feel comfortable carrying it. Let’s go]

At the beginning of the Potensic T25 review, I want to tell the pilot that this accessible drone looks like the richest device and comes with some excellent features at an affordable price. It means that under the $200 price range, the attractive Potensic T25 is ahead of any other cheap-rated variety of drones on the market.

The T25 RC FPV beginner drone looks like the Potensic Dreamer Pro, and the advanced features line is very close. This affordable camera drone is perfect for you to start RC quadcopter piloting. If it flies in the sky and goes behind a tree or canal for any reason, you won’t have much trouble because it’s not an expensive RC quadcopter.

In the beginning, it is better to fly at ease and choose reasonable price RC drones. The t25 is a simpler neat device than other drones. So Potensic t25 drone review is helpful for you. Now start delving into the product description to experienced by knowing the details.

Potensic T25 review: pros cons and space

Potensic T25 review with complete buying guide in 2021


  • Consumer-friendly design
  • Quality material body
  • Aerial quality image capture
  • GPS Follow Me feature
  • Good performance
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Affordable price range
  • Excellent remote control, 300m control range


  • Flight time is not 14 to 18 minutes
  • Video quality is not good
  • Weight not under 250g
  • No headless mode

Product Space

Brand names Potensic, white and black color
Model T25-HP, dimensions 13.7 x 10.9 x 6.2 inches
1000 mAh battery, Lithium battery system
Weight 1880 grams
1000 Milliamp Hours power battery
up to 980 feet’s Control range
Remote Control System
in TF memory card 1920×1080 pixels Image Resolution

Potensic T25 review complete for you

The Potensic T25 GPS FPV drone comes in beautiful white color with a creative design. Its wings are slim and funny. This type of professional look is rarely seen in the drone market in cheap devices. This wonderful drone has the impression of being sophisticated. However, due to its weight of 4.16 pounds, you will need faa registration.

A Potensic T25 powerful-looking robot is measuring 13.7 x 10.9 x 6.2 inches made in aluminum material. In addition, it offers an aluminum silver carry case. The T25 RC FPV drone’s super attractive carry case is my favorite. It has a separate foam in the black base foam to room the parts of the device. 

There are many model drones in the market that have the mentioned 4k camera. But in the real sense, there is no mentioned camera resolution. The price is also relatively high. In this case, the Potensic T25 RC drone resolution of the 2k camera advanced enough will give you fun. Its aerial quality image will not disappoint you. Its stable video quality is not very good, but the family video footage will not be so unsatisfactory. You can garner praise by sharing on social drone groups.

Do you want to run a robot in the night sky? The Potensic T25 GPS drone is capable of flying in the night sky. Like many expensive drones, the robot can withstand some strong wind speed, and it comes with LED lights under the belly. So you can enjoy the fun of drones in the rainless night sky. Now imagine how fun it is to see a flying RC quadcopter with LED lights.

The Potensic t25 consumer drone comes with a white Nice remote controller. It feels good to have this smooth white remote control in hand, and it is fun to control the drone with it, Looks like I’m playing a video game.

In the Potensic t25 review, I would like to say that the RC quadcopter is easy to handle for any beginner or adult pilot. And it comes with advanced drone-like features. Below we will know the details.

Potensic T25 review: Design 

The Potensic T25 looks like it was designed with a starfish look. Its white color, 2 landing legs of handle-like aluminum, and 4 wings design are like expensive drones.

The camera of this consumer-friendly robot is apparently placed under the abdomen. It looks like the drone will cost no less than $500 to $600. Butt Potensic T25 cost under $200.

The device, well designed for beginner drone users, will also be fun for adult pilots. It feels as sweet as a small bird when it flies in the sky. The easy-to-use drone comes with a 300m control range classic remote controller.

Potensic T25 review: Camera

It’s hard to imagine these flying robots now without cameras. Do you want a cheap price camera drone? The Potensic T25 is an excellent WiFi camera drone for under $200.

The Potensic T25 comes with a 120 ° FOV WiFi camera. In it, you get 2k 720p to capture quality images.

You can get professional quality photos with its camera, even possible to capture while flying, with a 75 ° adjustable wide-angle feature.

However, there is nothing satisfactory about FPV, WiFi Live video. From a distance, the video footage shows it shimmering and blurry. 

However, these advanced features will make you experienced. But if you need more nice video footage, you can watch Holy Stone brand drones. In that case, the budget may need to be increased.

Potensic T25 review: Batteries & flight performance

Potensic T25 review Batteries & Flight Performance

It comes with 2 batteries in the modular system. The modular thing is my favorite, and it has no problem with the automatic extra battery replacement system; there is no noise in the running drone. Although most modern drones come with a brushless motor, the Potensic T25 is a standard motor.

As mentioned in various places, the Potensic T25 with two batteries gives 14-18 minutes of flight time. But in reality, it provides a flight of 10 to 12 minutes. In most cases, the battery life is up to 5 minutes.

This flight time of the Potensic T25 GPS drone is completed without any hassle. Easy flight is essential for starter drone users.

Potensic T25 review: Follow me

Drones have become an object of fun at work today. In this case, Follow Me is a fun feature that is equally important for everyone. It works seamlessly with GPS systems.

Potensic T25 drones are advancing this feature. Even if you are a beginner drone user, it is easy to get loyal to the drone through it. You can take a selfie with your back or front as you wish.

Potensic T25 GPS Drone Follow Me feature is effective. You can use it to make drones easier to fly. And the device will sound fun to you.

Potensic T25 review: Auto return home

There is a possibility of losing the device due to bad piloting in the beginning. In this case, ‘Auto Return Home’ plays an effective role.

In this case, if you fly GPS mode on the Potensic T25 drone, you can automatically return button the robot with one tap of the smartphone app Auto Return Home button. The intelligent flight mode feature works successfully on Potensic T25.

Potensic T25 review: Other feature

The Potensic T25 GPS device comes with a microSD card slot. So can use up to a last of 32 Gb in 10 class memory cards. In addition, it comes with some more features so that beginner drone users can have fun.

Like the Point of Interest feature, imagine you paved a flight path on the Potensic-g app map with your finger, and the robot looked like a pet bird. On the Potensic T25, you can enjoy this fun feature.

You will get convenient rubber Safety Protection Guards so that the drone does not break if it is hit in any way.

In it, you will get Goggles Support. In addition, there is a facility to watch 3D Virtual Reality live video. Although these are not included in the active feature, they will play a role in making the adult pilots.

What is a drone headless mode?

We can call headless mode a feature to remember. This is the drone’s past operating round recorder system. If the drone is stopped for any cause, you will get them back with this feature. It can also be called a security feature. The Potensic T25 comes with nice features like Return Home, Custom Flight Path, Altitude Hold, and Follow Me, but it doesn’t have a headless mode option.

Are Potensic Drones any Good?

Potensic drones have already gained recognition in the market. And got enough customer reviews positive, saying they are using it comfortably. However, it is true that Potensic drones are definitely good at affordable prices.

Potensic T25 review: What’s in the box

Potensic T25 review: What’s in the box

What the Potensic T25 GPS drone box comes with is definitely a matter of interest. And it will be to your advantage to know in advance. The T25 will come with a beautiful portable case with a drone. 

There will be a drone transmitter and 3.7V 1000mAh two intelligent batteries. There will be a small screwdriver with a USB battery charger. There will be four Extra Propeller Blades and two Extra Landing Gears. Also four Extra Protection Guards. If you buy the Potensic T25 drone from Amazon, you will have these parts. And you will check all the parts.


How far can a Potensic t25 drone fly?

The Potensic T25 cannot fly like expensive drones. Instead, it has a maximum of 750 and can run up to 985 feet, with the extra battery.

Is the Potensic t25 drone waterproof?

This cheap drone is not waterproof in any way. So the Potential T25 should not run in the rain.

Potensic T25 review: Final thoughts

At the end of the Potensic T25 review, I would say that the drone is suitable for beginner users. Adult users can buy it to have fun with kids. However, this robot is not able to give anything extra.

Beautiful design, muscular body, quality image, suitable remote control, better flight experience, easy to use, and affordable price, you will find these things in Potensic T25. If these features can meet your needs, then the Potensic T25 GPS FPV drone is perfect for you.

You can check out the Deerc de22 drone, Syma x500 4k drone, and the Holy Stone hs165 model. For more options, you can see drones for under $400.

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