The Ruko F11 Gim2 Review – A Drone You Don’t Want To Miss

At its price point, the Ruko F11 Gim 2 drone is regarded as one of the best camera drones available. Its 4K camera can produce stunning videos, and the 2-axis gimbal stabilization and the electronic image stabilization work efficiently to ensure stable shots when taking videos. The drone is also strong and long-lasting, capable of withstanding winds up to level 7. When using the brushless motor, the drone’s wind resistance is increased by 20 percent, and the flight time can be increased by 15 percent.

When completely charged, it has a flying duration of roughly 56 minutes. It also has two batteries, allowing users to fly for twice as long as before. The Ruko F11 Gim 2 drone can be used both indoors and outdoors, but once you’ve begun using it, it’s suggested that you take your time getting acquainted with the controls.

A brushless motor is used in this drone, allowing for less noise. The GPS auto-return function aids in the protection of your drone and its safe return to you.

If you’re looking for one of the greatest inexpensive drones, you’ve come to the correct spot. Ruko is a well-known drone manufacturer that provides high-quality goods at reasonable costs. They have one of the finest price-to-quality ratios in this price range, making them one of the top drone brands.

Let’s take a look at the details of Ruko F11 Gim 2 Review

Why Get Ruko F11 Gim2 Drone

The Ruko F11Gim2 Drone is one of the most popular drones in its category. It’s a simple-to-operate quadcopter that lets you record and shares breathtaking footage from a bird’s eye perspective. This drone has an EIS mode that enables crystal clear video capture. The drone’s 360-degree rotation capability allows you to capture beautiful panoramic photos. The drone’s lightweight and compact design makes it simple to operate. For enhanced precision during flying, you may utilize a compatible mobile device with a remote control app.

Ruko F11 Gim 2 Features & Space

  • maximum height of 393 feet.
  • Max, Time of flight: 56 minutes (charging time: 4 hours)
  • 4K camera on a 2-axis gimbal (adjusted angle of-80°+0°)
  • photo resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160) and TF card storage
  • 4K@30fps video saved to TF card
  • The maximum video transmission range is 9000 feet (depending on the mobile device and surroundings).
  • Maximum TF Card Supported: 128GB (Not Included)
  • 6.9*4.1*3.15 IN (Folding)/17.71*15.94*3.15 IN (Folding) (Unfolding)

Ruko F11 Gim 2 Design

The latest 6-axis flight control system and brushless gimbal have been installed on a Ruko drone. When it comes to capturing the world, the F11 series’ latest image technology will provide you with the best results. Because of the GPS-assisted capability, the drone can easily trace its origins or follow you wherever you go; this feature eliminates the need to align your drone with its home station. You don’t even have to fly your drone to get aerial images with the Ruko F11Gim 2. Simply press the “follow me” button to enjoy aerial photos with the Ruko F11Gim 2.

Ruko F11 Gim 2 Flight Time

Fly for longer periods of time without having to worry about a shorter flying duration. The Ruko F11 Gim 2 is a terrific way to battle boredom and be healthy at the same time, whether you’re searching for the perfect pastime or something to take your mind off problems.

Drone Ruko F11 Gim 2 comes with two batteries that can give a flying time of 58 minutes. The battery is intelligent and safe, and its power condition is checked and reported in real-time. The adjustable charger output currency has a variety of output connectors to meet a variety of flying requirements. During the flight, you can charge a second battery at the same time if there is adequate electricity for two batteries. This drone, of course, comes with an improved camera to capture every minute of your adventure.

Ruko F11 Gim 2 Camera Options

This improved Ruko F11 Gim2 drone camera has a 4K, 30fps camera, EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) technology, and superior 2-axis gimbal stabilization, ensuring steady recordings and excellent photos. The FPV transmitter works with 9-channel systems and can quickly switch from one channel to another at a distance of up to 3 kilometers.

Ruko F11 Gim2 Price

The Ruko F11 Gim 2 drone is a camera drone that is priced in the mid-range. While connected to the WiFi network, the Gim 2 drone begins collecting photographs and movies with its FHD camera. This is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a low-cost camera drone.

Why Not Go with Other Brands?

Because the battery accounts for 30% of the overall cost of the drone, it is more crucial to pick the best battery for the more expensive and popular types of intelligent drones. Throughout the day, the batteries must be removed many times. It requires a high-quality battery that is not readily destroyed and does not cause you any problems, such as frequent stalling and high energy consumption.

Ruko F11 Gim2 Drone Review: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a high-quality drone with lots of high-end features but don’t want to pay too much, the Ruko F11Gim 2 may be the drone for you. It has lots of great features, like the high-quality 4K video recording camera, the Follow Me and Point of Interest modes, and just a general level of stability in all sorts of weather conditions. If you decide this is something you want to invest in, it’s absolutely worth a look.


Is the Ruko F11 gim2 a nice drone to purchase?

It’s a fun quadcopter kit to put together and fly. This is a terrific entry-level quadcopter for the price. Build it, fly it, crash it (if necessary), fix it, and have a good time with it!

How does the GPS work on the Ruko F11 Pro?

The GPS on the Ruko F11 Pro works by using satellites that are located throughout space. These satellites send signals to our phones and other devices, telling them exactly where they are. This allows you to use apps that use maps and directions, such as Google Maps. It is important to remember that your phone or device must have a GPS chip for this feature to work.

How can I utilize the Follow Me feature of the F11 gim2?

Follow me is an awesome new feature of the F11 gim2! Follow Me allows you to control multiple units wirelessly from your smartphone. Just select the units you want to control, and the Gim will do the rest. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone, so you can use any smartphone you have.

What distinguishes the f11gim 2 from its predecessors?

The f11gim 2 has a better long-distance vision for a more open view of the world around you. It also gives you a clearer view in low light conditions thanks to innovative technology. The f11gim 2 looks great.

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