SYMA X500 Drone Review- with 4K UHD Camera

I start with the SYMA x500 4k drone review for beginners. There is no barrier for an experienced drone pilot to use a Quadcopter with easy GPS and 1 extra battery perfect gift. 5GHz FPV Video Transmitter rich Syma x500 drone best for a beginner photographer. The auto return home will give you a test of a modern fun drone on Syma x500 of 40 minute Flight Time with the follow-me mode feature.

If you want a designed affordable price drone with some advanced features, then drone SYMA X500 is the first choice. It is one of the advanced, affordable drones in the market for under $200. It will make your photography and videography work much better than expensive drones.

Whether you are a beginner drone pilot or an advanced user: the SYMA X500 RC drone with advanced features will fulfill your hobby. You like the drone and want to buy knowing the details. So I am doing SYMA X500 4K Drone Review 2022 after five-day recharge for you.

You must first connect your phone app to the remote before flying the Syma X500. This will allow you to see the drone’s controls on your screen.

Why Get SYMA X500 Drone

The X500 is an excellent entry-level drone. It’s a great weight, but it’s light enough that you won’t have to worry about wind resistance or it crashing into the ground if you fly in a wide-open field. The drone flies really smoothly and has a number of advanced features that contribute to a fantastic FPV (First Person Viewing) experience. There are many different controller settings that can be tweaked, making it simple to tailor your flight experience to your tastes.

Key features

  • FHD 1080p Video Capture
  • 2.4G remote Control Type
  • Rubber Material 
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Cell
  • 40 mins immersive flying
  • 250g lightweight 
  • GPS Auto Return System
  • Follow Me System
  • Time to charge: 180 minutes
  • 7.6V 1700 mAh battery
  • Drone dimensions: 14.17×11.81×2.76 inc
  • 100-meter flight altitude
  • 120° camera angle

The SYMA X500 4K Drone Review: Best Choice for You

The 250g lightweight SYMA X500 drone is easy to Carry. Due to the weight can not be registered FAA. The big thing is that it is ahead of the 250gram weight of drone in the market, with the advanced features, and under the $200 Price Range. Extra available for having 2 MAh Li-Po battery. In this case, the cost also comes down a bit. Due to 2 batteries, 40 minutes of flight time will give you great fun flying drones. An eye-catching experience with a UHD camera photo, aerial video.

Headless Mode-enriched SYMA X500 FPV quadcopter is suitable for use by all advance and beginners due to its easy landing facility. Easy landing facilities are important in the case of drones. In the case of long-lasting, it serves as the subject.

The drone, which is 1100 feet high Flight Distance, this model of a drone can capture the beautiful scenery with good quality low price eco-friendly remote control. You can press the buttons and can capture photos and amazing high-resolution videos for your YouTube channel or blog. The drone SYMA X500 can use in your other professional work to get beauty.

The GPS Auto Return and Follow Me feature will give you an advanced flight experience that many expensive drones do not have. Necessary brush motor attachment is also a positive issue. And because of the foldable thing, this well-designed foldable drone can handle a walk. When I came to review, I realized that the SYMA brand X500 4K compact drone has more features than many expensive drones.

SYMA X500 4K Drone features 

The SYMA X500 quadcopter needs a detailed discussion of the cool features to know the product detail. It will make it easier for you to buy the best drone for under $ 200, and you need to understand the difference with DJI drones of the same price. So let’s start rolling your eyes at the key features.

SYMA X500 Remote Control

Without a doubt, the remote controller is an important thing for drones. The SYMA X500 drone’s remote controller comes with rechargeable technology and a compact design without AA batteries; users don’t have to worry about changing the rechargeable battery because it comes with a USB charging cable.

The well-designed remote control is less likely to go bad due to the recharge method. The biggest thing is that it is environmental-friendly because it does not have an AA battery. It’s easy to manage because of the simple buttons. Due to this, the chances of drone accidents are in proportion low. Anyone from beginner drone users to advanced drone pilots can use it without hesitation.

SYMA X500 Camera

SYMA X500 Camera

The main feature of drones is the camera. The drone SYMA X500 has a 4k camera, but the 1080p high-resolution camera works well. It has the advantage of using a 64 GB sd card with an adapter. The sd card determines the extra video quality on the drone. It is difficult to find such resolution cameras in drones for under $200.

SYMA X500 drone camera has to give better marks, even if it captures video in 2k. A 90 ° vertical gimble will give you a great experience of aerial photos or videos. It will provide you with a beautiful, beautiful experience in your professional or hobby time.



Having GPS features in a drone is a fun experience. There is no chance of the foldable quadcopter getting lost. You will have more power to control the range. Flying drones in GPS automatic return mode can drive to a specific ground situation at the push of a return button.

The GPS Return Home feature has given the SYMA X500 another product dimension of the drone. It’s a good cheap GPS drone. The drone, which is automatically connected to 12 GPS satellites, will be fun to fly anywhere. But be careful on the water.

SYMA X500 Flying Time

The drone needs better flight performance for fun. Drone SYMA X500 maximum flight time 20 mins per battery, not 26-28 mins per drone battery, 40 minutes real-time flying experience with modular battery. Which connects to another battery at the end of the charge without dispute. The total driving time of 58 minutes is mentioned somewhere, but no evidence has been found yet. It will allow you to do important photo or video sessions without any hassle. 

SYMA X500 Follow Me

SYMA X500 Follow Me

“Follow me mode” time feature. This mode works for selfie fun. It is possible to get quality photo videos using it. X500 RC quadcopter Follow me mode Special function, follow the steps in any way at this turn.


The drone X500 has a fun Syma app screen. Anyone who is a beginner drone pilot or experienced user can download the SYMA AIR APP by scanning the QR code. The app has VR MODE for using a VR headset; you can get it at the top of the app screen. This app control makes the drone experience more enjoyable. The drone can flight direction with a finger line at the app screen.

SYMA X500 Drone, What’s in the box

In the box, you will find a lightweight smooth x500 drone, a transmitter, and 2 7.6V 1700mAh modular batteries (Li-Po batteries). You will find a visible portable case with a USB charging cable for the drone, and a USB charging cable for the transmitter. Get 4 extra propellers and a screwdriver.

SYMA X500 Drone, Why are different?

The affordable drone comes with more advanced features like the current “Follow Me Mode”. Combined with two batteries, its maximum flight time is about 50 to 56 minutes. According to Price, this flight time is ahead of other drones in the market. It also has amazing features like gesture control and GPS return. Tap-fly with recharged remote control, APP control feature puts it in front.

SYMA X500 4K Drone Review final thoughts

SYMA drone company’s X500 is one of the best cheapest drones for beginners. In the end, I can say that many people, including me, have good experience using Syma x500 4k drone. Everyone is enjoying using its camera, SYMA App, Return to Home, and other features. Many people have been using it for so long that nowadays they need spare parts.

One of the two has got a battery in place of two batteries. I have heard of such a problem on the social platform, although it has to resolve later. Outside of that, some customers question knows about using the best features. All in all, the Syma x500 4k drone is the best under $200 for any beginner user or experienced pilot.

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