The Best Way to Stop a Drone From Flying Over Your Property

Our home is our heaven. We want our home to be secured. It’s the only place we find peace. But what if you see a drone is flying over your house? Yes, it’s an irritating situation for everyone. Do you know How to Stop a Drone From Flying Over Your property? Some of us may have faced this situation. Some may not. But none of us knows how to handle this situation. 

Today, we will show you know what to do if a drone is over your property. Furthermore, we will describe the rules and regulations of drones. At the end of this article, we also will let you know which things you can’t do if a drone is flying over your property. So let’s begin with the rules and regulations. 

What are the rules of drones?

There are two types of drones; commercial and hobby. Usually, commercial drones have more rules. According to the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA, drones can fly over your property. This organization declares airspace as a public space. You can’t prevent someone from using the area. 

Drones are permitted to fly over your property. But they can’t fly with awful motives. If you find anything wrong you can file a lawsuit. Rules are not for commercial drones only. Hobby drones are also under the principles. Yet, the question is how to approach such a situation like this.

Well! First of all, the commercial drones won’t record you. They have no business with any individual. Yet, if they do, then you are on something. 

Second of all, if any drone is recording you, there is something you can do. However, you can’t club the drone out of the air. It is illegal. In the later part of our article, we will discuss legal things of what to do if a drone is over your property.  

What to do if a drone is over your property

Drones have every right to fly over your property. But there are some restrictions that a drone owner should follow. The drone can’t record you or your family. If you find a camera with the drone then it is a nuisance. Also, there might be some regulations against flying drones over residential areas. If any drone breaks the rules or irritates you somehow, you can take a few steps. 

Drones fly within a short distance. It has limited battery power. So, If a drone flies over your roof, the owner is nearby. Firstly, you should contact the owner and complain about your trouble. You should negotiate everything frankly and solve the matter without any violence. 

Nevertheless, if the owner doesn’t respond to your call, contact the cop. When you think the drone is spying on you, let the law enforcement get involved. There are some nuisance or privacy laws that you can apply. Also, there are some legal courses you can take to stop the drone from flying over your house. We will discuss that part in the next part of our article. 

How to legally take down a drone?

How to legally take down a drone

Although drones are permitted to fly over private properties you can take them down. If you honestly feel irritated, you have every right to prevent them. Here, we will indicate a few legal steps. So let’s get started. 

  • Check the restriction about the drone in your area

There might be some restrictions against flying drones over your property. Check with your neighborhood association to know about it. If flying drones are not allowed, let the law enforcement agency get interfered. They will force the owner to stop the drone over your roof.

  • Check the local laws of property boundaries

Another thing you can do is to check the local laws. In jurisdictions, there is a law that states how high a homeowner can build a structure on private property. If a drone breaks the law, it is considered trespassing. At this, you can call the cop and ask for help.

  • File a complaint about an invasion of privacy

The last option you have is to file a complaint. If you have enough evidence of spying, you can go for it. The judge will grant a restraining order against it.

How to Stop a Drone From Flying Over Your Property

It has always been a concern about How to Stop a Drone From Flying Over Your. You can use some tricks to stop drones from flying over your house. What are the tricks? Let’s have a discussion. 

  • Get in touch with your neighbors

If you keep a good relationship with your neighbors, The drone problem can easily be solved. Don’t lose your temper under any circumstances and never overreact. 

  • Filing litigation for personal nuisance

If good behavior doesn’t work with your neighbor or they don’t respond to your call, you can take action for personal nuisance. 

  • Filing litigation for trespassing

Flying a drone over your property without any reason considered some sort of trespass. At this, you can go to court and file a lawsuit. 

This sort of legal step you can take to stop drones from flying over your property. It is important to keep your cool and let things go legally. 

What would be illegal to do if drones flying over your house?

Although you are disturbed by a drone you can’t bring it down off the air. So far, we discuss what to do if a drone over your property. Now, we will discuss what not to do. 

Things to be remembered

  • You can’t hit a drone. 
  • You can’t shine a laser pointer at the drone. 
  • It can cause you more trouble if you shoot a drone. 
  • You can’t interrupt a drone flying in the sky. 
  • You can’t club a drone out of the air, if you do, it will be considered trespassing. 

So, there are few things we are discouraging you to do. As we said, you have to handle the situation with a lot of maturities. It would be great if you approach me legally. 

How to Stop a Drone From Flying Over Your: Conclusion

Flying drones over our roof is not a familiar scene to us. Yet, sometimes we face circumstances like this. That’s why we should be aware of what to do if a drone is over your property. The important thing is to act with a cool head. Doing something aggressive may cause some legal trouble. 

Every one of us has privacy. It’s not a pleasant thing if a drone is flying over our home. In this article, we tried to show you what to do if a drone is flying over your property. We hope this essay will be beneficial to you to handle this type of situation. 

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